US insists it does not support Taiwan independence after fact sheet change angers Beijing

After a State Department fact sheet was amended to respect Taiwan’s ‘best interests’, US officials argued that Washington was upholding the ‘one China’ policy and therefore did not support the independence of the island.

The information sheet cashwhich apparently angered Beijing, withdrew an acknowledgment of “the Chinese position that there is only one China and Taiwan is part of China”, as well as a statement saying that the United States “does not support not the independence of Taiwan”.

In a press conference On Tuesday, State Department spokesman Ned Price said the fact sheet had not been updated in years. “I think what we care about most is making sure that our relationships around the world are accurately reflected in our fact sheets,” he said.

China, in response, slammed the change as a “political manipulation of the Taiwan question”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed that the island is an “inalienable” part of China and that “attempting to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait will hurt the United States itself.” themselves”.

On Wednesday, Price asserted that the United States does not support Taiwanese independence, consistent with its official commitment to china policy made in 1979. Under this policy, Washington recognizes Beijing as the “sole legal government of China”, although it allows unofficial ties with Taiwan, including self-defense assistance.

“We do not support Taiwanese independence, and we have made that clear repeatedly in public and in private,” Price said. mentioned in a press briefing.

“Although the United States has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan and does not support Taiwanese independence, we have, as you know, a strong unofficial relationship with Taiwan as well as an abiding interest in maintaining the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

Washington, however, maintains ambiguity about the extent of its military assistance to Taiwan. This so-called policy deters Beijing to launch an assault and Taipei to seek independence at the same time.

However, the United States reiterates its “ironclad” commitment in defense of Taiwan. The updated fact sheet also says it “continues to encourage the peaceful resolution of cross-strait disputes in accordance with the wishes and best interests of the Taiwanese people.”

“We will continue to support our partner Taiwan. Our commitment to Taiwan is rock solid, including in the face of potential acts of intimidation,” Price said.

Tuesday, the missile cruiser USS Port Royal made a “routine” transit through the Taiwan Strait “in accordance with international law”. It was the second US mission in two weeks, prompting an angry reaction from Beijing.

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