Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 3 Recap: We Finally Meet Again

Ewan McGregor’s humiliated former Jedi faces his greatest fear – and greatest failure – in this week’s extremely intense episode of Disney Plus Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini-Series.

Episode 2 cliffhanger saw Obi-Wan, now a humble exile calling himself Ben, learn that his former friend and protege Anakin Skywalker is still alive. Still reeling from the news and haunted by his role in Anakin’s downfall, Obi-Wan discovers that he may not be up to the task of protecting young Princess Leia after all.

The first three of the series’ six episodes are available now, with more to follow every Wednesday through June 22. Let’s dive into a detailed recap of Episode 3, including character arcs, Star Wars Easter eggs, and plenty of spoilers…

Only a master of evil

The last time Obi-Wan saw Anakin Skywalker was the fateful duel in which he cut his apprentice into pieces and left him to melt into the side of a volcano. Obi-Wan was appalled by Anakin’s appalling deeds in the Clone Wars, and when they reunite in this new episode, he gave a clear picture of the kind of guy Anakin is now. As we see Darth Vader assembled from machine parts, Ben is haunted by memories of Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn – who stubbornly refuse to show up and offer support – as well as Reva’s sardonic voice.

So far, the only encounter we’ve seen between Kenobi and Darth Vader was their last encounter. 1977’s A New Hope saw the two aging warriors dueling with lightsabers on the Death Star. “I’ve been expecting you, Obi-Wan,” Vader Kenobi then greeted. “We finally meet again. It’s come full circle now. When I left you, I was just the learner. Now I’m the master.”

To which Kenobi replied, “Only a master of evil, Dark.” His use of the Dark name has been the source of speculation among fans as a possible continuity error, but the Disney Plus series offers a different possibility: perhaps over the course of the series, as he sees Dark possess his old friend, Obi-Wan lets go of Anakin. So when they meet on the Death Star, he doesn’t see Anakin; He only sees Darth Vader. Which adds a little extra resonance to the final battle between Luke and Vader in Return of the Jedi. While even Anakin’s oldest friend only saw the master of evil Darth Vader, his son still saw the good in him. It’s not until Vader helps Luke and is unmasked that he becomes Anakin again – and only the circle is truly complete.

Star Wars villain Darth Vader reveals his black helmet and darker heart in Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus.


For now, however, we see Darth Vader at the fearsome height of his powers. Marching ruthlessly through a city snapping the necks of passers-by, Vader is the embodiment of Imperial terror and violence. And the fight between the two old friends shows just how unmatched they are now: Obi-Wan can barely draw his lightsaber while Vader only needs a hand to pull him back. You almost have to remember that you’ve seen how Obi-Wan’s journey continues in other films, because in this intense scene you might actually fear for his life.

Oh, and while there’s been a lot of noise surrounding the return of prequel star Hayden Christensen as Anakin, it’s only James Earl Jones who once again provides the voice of Darth Vader as in the original movies.

The meeting is not conclusive – but there are still three episodes to go…

His compassion was his undoing

Throughout the series, the Inquisitors and Vader have used Jedi values ​​against them. “The Jedi Code is like an itch,” the Grand Inquisitor sneered in Episode 1. “His compassion was his undoing.” But it also works the other way around: the ruthlessness and violence of the Empire works against them.

The lack of trust between Inquisitors leads to infighting that works in favor of our heroes. And Vader’s sadism in roasting Obi-Wan also provides an opportunity for injured Jedi to escape. Darkness is its own loss.

As Obi-Wan says in the opening scene, to live in the dark is to live in fear. Embracing the natural balance of the Force is like turning on a light.

I know what you are looking for

In Tala’s Galactic Underground Railroad, Obi-Wan spots a message from Quinlan Vos, another former Jedi seen in The Clone Wars and other spin-offs. Vos turned to the dark side for a while, but seems to have survived the Order 66 purge after all and now specializes in rescuing young people. Reva also sees a message that shakes her: could there be a connection?

Played by Moses Ingram, the carefree and unstable Reva is a fascinating new addition to the Star Wars canon. As McGregor himself says there is no room for the racist abuse Ingram has faced from some viewers.

New characters and cameos

Oh Freck, how could you? The truck driver is happy with his lot under the Empire as he thinks it brings some order to the galaxy, a reminder of how normal people will embrace tyranny if it means a quiet life. This peace and quiet does not last long, however, as the true face of Imperial cruelty is revealed when the Inquisitors arrive. We never see what happens to the traitorous Freck, unfortunately. If you recognize the voice, he’s played by Zach Braff (well, Braff is listed in the credits, but at first I have to admit I thought Freck sounded more like Seth Rogen).

Fortunately, Obi-Wan and Leia are rescued by Tala Durith, an Imperial officer with a conscience. She’s played by Indira Varma, who you might remember from her Game of Thrones appearance as Ellaria Sand, the lover of Prince Oberyn Martell – played by Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian himself.

When is the next episode?

New episodes air every Wednesday. Episode 4 airs June 8. here is the full release schedule for the rest of the series.

If you want to fill in even more gaps or just can’t wait to get your dose of Obi-Wan action, CNET’s guide to all things Kenobi includes a handy list of anime TV shows, novels and comics featuring the man in the robe.

Random obi-servations

  • We are back on another desert planet, Mapuzo. This one is slightly different though, as unlike the Tatooine Sand Desert, it is a scrubby desert. Obi-Wan bitterly notes that the planet has been ravaged by the Raptor Empire, possibly suggesting why there are so many desert planets in the galaxy.
  • Leia’s cute green outfit evokes memories of her commando outfit in Return of the Jedi.
  • We could spend our lives separating the lines from the original Star Wars movies that make less and less sense with each new prequel, sequel, and spin-off. But when you see the lightsaber-shy Obi-Wan pull out his gun and hurl John Wick at a group of stormtroopers, it might remind you of his line to Luke in A New Hope: “Your father’s lightsaber. It’s the weapon of a Jedi Knight.. Not as clumsy or haphazard as a blaster.An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.
  • There are female stormtroopers, which ties in with the character of Jannah played by Naomi Ackie in The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Speaking of Stormtroopers, they’re looking for a Jedi but don’t realize a bearded guy in a brown robe might actually be a Jedi. In fact, why do they need a droid to scan Obi-Wan? Can’t they just hand out a picture of the guy?
  • They may be murderous villains, but the Empire really knows how to do an infrastructure project. This episode alone features not one but two giant fortresses, one built on a volcano and the other in the ocean.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi vaguely remembers a little brother he never knew after he was taken from his family to join the sparse, ascetic life of a Jedi. This heartbreaking story parallels that of Leia, as she too was separated from her brother Luke as a baby.

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