Great Father’s Day Gifts for Expectant Dads

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Expectant dads may not have babies to raise yet, but we can still celebrate them on Father’s Day. Give the soon-to-be dad in your life something fun or something useful to get him in the spirit of parenthood. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of great Father’s Day gifts for dads-to-be, so you’ll be well prepared for June 19th.

There’s a gift here for everyone, whether you’re looking for practicality (a diaper bag or a coffee), a whimsical gift (an illustrated book or a personalized pint) or an indulgence (a nice bottle of wine or a massage gun). The future dad may not understand the meaning of some of these objects for a while, but he will appreciate them once his bundle of joy arrives. If he thinks he needs coffee now, he’s about to have a whole new understanding of caffeine. If he doesn’t really think he needs a diaper bag… well, he definitely does. Give this man a gift for Father’s Day.


Commemorate his fatherhood induction with a personalized pint glass that reads “Dad is. 2022”. It won’t break your budget and it’s a fun way to celebrate its impending role. This 16 ounce glass is dishwasher safe, because you know it will need low-maintenance glassware once the baby arrives. Cheers!


A diaper bag is essential baby equipment, so why not give one to the future dad? He can prepare for his new life and fill it with diapers and wipes. State’s Lorimer Lightweight Backpack comes in olive, black, and sienna, and it includes an insulated bottle pocket, changing pad, and other important features it will soon include. It even fits a laptop.


The colorful illustrations in this hardcover children’s book show the once-cool life of a dad, full of motorcycles and band rehearsals. But then they show admiration for her grandson, proving that parenthood can still be cool. This book makes a great gift as it can be part of the new addition’s library.


This handy gift box contains several great gifts for the future dad. From a parenting guide to a baby logbook, fun socks, key ring, onesie and even soap, Bump Boxes has all your bases covered. Bonus: It comes pre-packaged and ready to gift from Amazon.


Maybe you just want to give the new dad something indulgent. A good bottle of wine is a fantastic gift. Beringer Vineyards’ much-loved Cabernet Sauvignon will be on the menu, and heaven knows new parents will enjoy a glass or two once the little baby arrives and “witching hour” arrives.


He’s moving on to parenthood, but that doesn’t mean the dad-to-be can’t have some fun yet. This set includes a t-shirt for dad and a onesie for his sidekick, who just might grow up to play alongside Pops. Adult sizes small to XXXL are available, and you can choose black, gray, or navy sets.

Sagamore Spirit

He may not know it yet, but any dad-to-be will need a little coffee once his bundle of joy arrives. Treat her to this unique barrel-aged blend of whiskey and add some punch to her morning routine. The 16 ounce bag is perfect for a drip coffee maker.


The soon-to-be father in your life will find Kodak’s new Luma 150 projector handy for many scenarios. He can slip it in his pocket and watch a movie anywhere (in the nursery, maybe?), show off baby photos or even project a presentation. Any gadget to simplify the life of a little one is welcome.

Giselle Castro-Sloboda/CNET

It’s hard to convey the physicality of caring for a baby, but everyone can appreciate a good massage. Give the dad-to-be a massage gun for those long days and nights he can’t make it to the spa. The Hypervolt Go 2 packs a punch, easily releasing stress and tension.


Park events will be an important part of dad-to-be’s new lifestyle, and drinks are part of park life. Game dates, backyard barbecues, birthday parties, sporting events – there are so many occasions for cold drinks. Give him a fun Simpsons-themed Igloo Cooler or check out the brand’s other cool collaborations including Willie Nelson, Star Wars and Marvel.

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