TID Historical NFT Research Institute is the first NFT studio dedicated to learning history through digital art

Our first collection, Hominins, is the first hNFT collection from world renowned evolutionary artist John Gurche.

This image depicts 6 of 12 painstakingly studied hominid faces, eight of which are on display in the Hall of Human Origins at the Smithsonian Institution.

Homo sapiens are the sole survivors of a once diverse group of humans and human-like apes, collectively known as hominins. So far, the group includes about 20 known species. What did these hominins look like?

The letters TID in this image represent the name of our institute: TID Historical NFT Research Institute's name

TID presents the world’s first Historical NFTs (hNFTs), a series of collectible digital artworks that provide a new experience for learning more about our shared history.

TID’s Historical NFTs (hNFTs) establish collaborations between universities, museums and contemporary artists to produce educational art on the blockchain

For us at TID, the blockchain is a machine for recording history, the beginning of an immutable encyclopedia. Editing for future generations is a great responsibility. We take this very seriously.

— Victor Zabrockis – Digital Anthropologist

BARCELONA, CATALONIA, SPAIN, May 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Barcelona, ​​Spain, May 31: TID research institute hNFT announces the launch of a groundbreaking NFT project that applies the highest standards of legacy publishing to blockchain art production. The institute is launching six collections for the 2022-23 season that will appeal to online and offline collectors passionate about art, history and culture.

Each collection produced by TID is curated by leading scholars to achieve the greatest possible interest and accuracy. For these experts, hNFT TIDs are an exciting new communication tool; for artists, they are a new way of approaching history. For collectors, the added value of this collaboration makes the hNFT TIDs a unique collectible, not only as art, but as early representations of our shared heritage on blockchain – digital art about history. which in itself makes history.

Our vision is to create value for museums as well, and discussions are underway with major institutions to collaborate on their first hNFT collections. One involves a research and historical preservation project in which hNFT purchasers would contribute directly to the completion of the project.

Our first collection, Hominins, is the first hNFT collection from world renowned evolutionary artist John Gurche. It features 12 reconstructions of ape-like and more modern hominids, eight of which are on display in the Smithsonian Institution’s Hall of Human Origins.

While TID hNFTs maintain stylistic consistency within a collection, each one is handmade, completely unique and equal in rarity. They are sold on OpenSea at a fixed price between 0.28 and 0.38 Ether (Hominins will sell for 0.38 Ether). A list of collections, academic advisors, and artists is provided below, along with release dates and prices.

TID’s Utility Plan for hNFT Buyers complements our digital collectibles with tangible rewards. For the collector who purchases any hNFT from any of the six season collections, we will be giving away a hardcover anthology of our 2022/23 hNFT editions, titled “The Future of the Past”. Those who purchase eight hNFTs receive a Global Museum Pass, which provides free year-round access to more than 100 of the world’s top museums. The collector who purchases 24 hNFT receives a state-of-the-art 33×33 inch digital Tokenframe to display their NFTs at home, in the office or at an event.

TID envisions its hNFT collections as the starting point for an ever-expanding encyclopedia of digital art on the blockchain to explore, collect, share and enjoy history.

Finally, TID will donate 3% of all hNFT sales to organizations dedicated to historical accuracy, research and preservation. One percent each will go to: FactCheck.org, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Historical Association.


HOMININS: 12 painstaking reconstructions of our long-lost ancestors
LAUNCH: June 24, 2022 PRICE: 0.38 Ether
Artist-Advisor: John Gurche, Artist-in-Residence at the Earth Museum affiliated with Cornell University in Ithaca, New York

ICONS: 24 provocative interpretations of 20th century icons
LAUNCH: August 24, 2022 PRICE: 0.28 Ether
Artist: Marie-Lou Desmeules
Advisor: Aaron Jaffe, Professor of English, Florida State University

LIES: 12 whoppers who left a deep mark on society
LAUNCH: October 24, 2022 PRICE: 0.38 Ether
Artist: Jon Berkeley
Advisor: Timothy R. Levine, Chair of Communication Studies, University of Alabama

MYTHOS: 16 creative interpretations of the primordial gods of Greek mythology
LAUNCH: December 24, 2022 PRICE: 0.28 Ether
Artist: Agugn Prabowo
Advisor: Deborah Beck, Professor of Classics, University of Texas at Austin

SERIAL: 24 fascinating composite portraits of serial killers
LAUNCH: February 24, 2023 PRICE: 0.28 Ether
Artist: Marie-Lou Desmeules
Advisor: David Wilson, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, Birmingham City University, UK

LOST HEROINES: 24 interpretations of forgotten comic book superheroines
LAUNCH: April 24, 2023 PRICE: 0.38 Ether
Artist: Mario Maple
Advisor: Mike Madrid, author of “Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy and the History of Comic Book Heroines”

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