These states are the most NFT-obsessed

A study by NFT experts discovered which states searched for NFTs and related NFT search terms the most over the past twelve months.

JThese states are the most NFT-obsessed

Los Muertos used Google Trends to analyze all fifty states and the District of Columbia to uncover the data that found California to be the state with the most NFT-related searches. The second and third most NFT-obsessed states were Nevada and New Jersey.

Data for NFT Marketing

Analyzing this information can influence where NFT companies can focus their efforts, or even where to avoid. For instance. Mississippi was the least interested state in NFTs with a search score of 33 compared to California’s 100, so probably not the best dynamic to target for an NFT product.

Los Muertos data shows that there are many states that have a fairly high interest in NFTs. You might expect Florida, New York, and Washington to have significant interest in NFTs (fourth, fifth, and sixth on the list, respectively), but Massachusetts, Colorado, and Arizona at seventh, eight, and ninth don’t. are not far behind them.

NFT data of interest is a ‘fascinating insight’

A spokesperson for NFT experts Los Muertos commented on the findings, saying, “The increase in NFTs has been astronomical, not just in America but around the world, with global searches for NFTs up 809% per year. compared to the same time last year. However, these results offer a fascinating insight into the geographic disparity of interest in NFTs across America, with coastal states being the largest audiences for NFTs. It will be interesting to see if this scale changes as NFTs become more common and mainstream in the future.

Explaining exactly what Los Muertos is, they say, “Los Muertos is more than your standard NFT project. By owning an NFT from the Los Muertos collection, you become a Muerto. Los Muertos World is built to serve its members.

They also explain how each of their NFTs is algorithmically generated by combining hundreds of unique hand-drawn strokes in different stroke categories. When someone buys an NFT from the Los Muertos collection, they own the NFT and all art associated with the NFT, with ownership verifiable on the Ethereum network. Ownership grants the purchaser of the NFT a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and animate the NFT for personal and commercial purposes.

All 50 NFT Interest Status Rankings

Connecticut rounds out the top ten in the NFT Interest Ranking along with the states mentioned above. The southern New England state had a search score for NFT-related terms of 74, as did Utah and the District of Columbia.

Oregon, Hawaii, and Maryland also had search scores in the 70s, while Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Michigan had NFT search scores in the 60s All other states had search scores in the 40s or 50s, except for Iowa, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Alabama, which, along with the last ranked Mississippi, had search scores. research in the 1930s.

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