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PRESS RELEASE. Mind Music wants to tackle the issue of mental illness, which often goes unnoticed, in a number of ways, including releasing tracks. He plans to take the music industry to WEB 3.0, which is the World Wide Web on blockchain technology. After being a hit and receiving promising reviews from influencers and artists around the world, Mind Music has launched their highly anticipated Founder Series NFT Collection.

The total number of unique NFTs available is 1010, of which 1000 would be publicly available while the remaining 10 would be team property or for giveaways. The collection has already been a hit, and more than half of the NFTs have been sold after launch. Along with that, there would be 10 exclusive Legendary NFTs hidden in those publicly available. These offer attractive rewards and benefits to holders. Legendary NFTs would be a great collectible for music lovers and those who want to contribute to the cause of mental illness.

If you are still not sure about creating a Mind Music NFT, here are some reasons that will make you change your mind.

  • Physical copy of Mind Record’s debut album:

One of the biggest benefits of minting a Mind Record NFT is that each holder receives a physical copy of Mind Record’s debut album. For each NFT purchased, a limited edition Mark Hamilton record will be sent, both as a CD and as a digital download package. And it’s exclusively for NFT holders, so there’s no other way to get your hands on the limited-edition package.

  • Earn passive income by simply holding NFTs:

Each NFT holder will also receive their share of the 1% reflection of Mind Music transactions. It contributes to a stable passive income earned without any regular participation.

  • Enjoy free entry to upcoming events:

NFT holders will have free access to all upcoming events and concerts. It’s a treat for music lovers! Also, if you manage to create a Legendary NFT, the rewards are even better. Investors holding the Legendary NFT will receive free food and drink, exclusive access to all areas, and the chance to meet the performers.

  • 20% discount on all Mind Record products:

Those who hold the Mind Music NFT will enjoy a 20% discount on all products and merchandise for life. This includes tickets, CDs, vinyls and more.

  • Receive a share on each NFT traded:

For each NFT sold, a 10% fee is collected via smart contracts, and this amount will be used to purchase the Mind Music token. All purchased tokens will be automatically distributed among NFT holders. This is another way to earn a stable income by simply holding the Mind Music NFT. Also, since the rewards are directly proportional to the number of NFTs, the more you hold, the higher the rewards.

10% of the amount raised through the sale of NFT will be donated to Mental Health Charity. So, by buying a Mind Music NFT, you are contributing to a cause that affects millions of people around the world every year.

Additionally, with the staking protocol in the picture, investors stand a chance of earning up to 75% APY. Staking is one of the most effective methods of earning passive income and is a favorite among token holders. To earn through staking, users will need to connect their wallets and deposit their tokens into the staking pool. Earning rewards couldn’t have been easier!

Mind Music has already achieved a lot since its inception and plans to expand further in the coming days. To achieve this goal, it will transition to a multi-chain token by the end of June 2022. Once done, token holders will be able to easily switch tokens between chains using the bridge. Additionally, the Mind Music token will start trading on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB, Cronon, and Fantom blockchain in the coming days.

The native Mind Music token is currently listed on and CoinTigerand the team is working to get it listed on the top 10 centralized exchanges (CEX) by the end of May 2022.

To know more about Mind Music, visit the official website

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