SpaceOne Industries Boosts NFTs Into Orbit – Parabolic Arc

Nick Graham and Buzz Aldrin. (Credit: Nick Graham)

By David Bullock
Personal editor

What happens when you get a fashion icon and combine her passion for space? You get the SpaceOne Industries company founded a year ago by Nick Graham, former CEO of Joe Boxer and designer of astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin.

“I have always collaborated a lot with NASA. I started SpaceOne and kind of put all these ideas under one roof,” said Nick Graham, CEO of SpaceOne. “I know a lot about making and designing things. The efficiency of what we can do is quite good technologically. We could find anything in the world. The design and graphics are pretty much drawn by me. So we’re lean and mean and efficient.”

SpaceOne is producing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for space enthusiasts to share, creating a fad for both the metaverse and the real world, and connecting it all to augmented reality opportunities. Graham took the company into the world of NFTs, which are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.

SpaceOne’s MetaMission One (MM1) emitted NFTs from the International Space Station (ISS) in April. A portion of the proceeds were donated to The Planetary Society, a member-supported non-profit organization that promotes space exploration led by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“NFTs are exploding because it is a unique explosion of digital art that otherwise could not have been claimed before. There are no experts in this industry. One of The benefits of NFTs is that you can create a community of people who are interested in the same thing. The idea of ​​MetaMission One is to create opportunities in the metaverse,” Graham said.

“[NFTs] only exist once, before with digital art you couldn’t do that. We’ve been doing it forever with digitized music and we’ve found a way to monetize it,” he added. “But it’s only recently that we’ve been able to find a way to monetize digital art, which has created a much more dynamic market than the so-called fine art market in about a year.”

Nick Graham, Buzz Aldrin and Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy. (Credit: Nick Graham)

While an NFT could go up in value and be bought and sold many times over, Graham’s goal is primarily to build a community and keep people interested in the space.

“That’s why I like to involve the Planetary Society. They’re looking for new members, so it’s a way for them to tap into a new demographic,” he added.

SpaceOne industries is a private company with twelve employees and is present all over the world.

Graham has always been enthusiastic about space and has a lot of experience, but he is also always looking to the future.

“I like the vision of space and I like technologies,” he said. “I love the dynamic that is happening in space in how it has gone from a government funded platform to a dramatic commercialization of the industry in terms of space tourism and building space industries across the planets… Every type of modern form of transportation is what we kind of look to design for, at SpaceOne. The brand is fashion and technology.

Graham noted that the more we look to space as a future, the use of resources on Earth and among the stars is also important to consider.

“All the fashion and products we make are recycled and can be recycled again. So wherever we go, wherever we go, we have to be extremely efficient to be melted down and transformed into something new. There is so a lot of combinations between taking my experience and applying it in the future,” he explained.

“The biggest challenge for the space industry over the next five years,” Graham said, “is having a workforce that is going to support it. If we’re going to support this industry, we need people. and engineers and youth start-up programs. [For the future of space] all the hardware will be in place, but when you get to the “software”, which is my world, which is not just how it looks, but how it works to make it better and how we can make it more efficient on the environmental plan. Getting into that is how SpaceOne is going to go.

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