SOLARR, Asia’s first decentralized NFT-Fi platform, raises $2M to mainstream NFT use cases

SOLARR aims to accelerate the adoption and accessibility of public NFT services and simplify NFT commerce for enterprises.

HONG KONG, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SOLARR, a decentralized NFT liquefaction platform led by former investment banking and technology executives from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Microsoft and Opera, has raised $2 million in seed funding.

With the aim of accelerating the global transition to the decentralized digital economy, SOLARR’s funding round is tasked with supporting ecosystem investors, All In Ventures Fund, JY Cap, MD2 Digital and professional investors.

According to a statement, the company is looking to “simplify NFT commerce” with its disruptive NFT-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering.

Gateway to the metaverse virtual economy

SOLARR aims to usher in the next generation of utility NFTs by expanding the utility and unlocking the value of digital assets. It offers a one-stop secure multi-chain ecosystem for users to compose, customize and integrate utilities into NFTs. The platform is also ultimately a bridge for users to create new digital assets in the metaverse virtual economy and beyond.

The SOLARR ecosystem includes a curated NFT marketplace, SOLARR Square, with a suite of integrated services. SOLARR Square introduces a branded in-store shopping experience with carefully curated brands so digital asset buyers can shop with more confidence and peace of mind.

SOLARR takes the NFT Marketplace model one step further by providing users with the ability to liquidate and receive incentives through its integrated bet-to-win model and NFT as collateral services. In addition to locking up their assets in exchange for incentives against staked NFTs, owners can unlock the value of their assets by pledging them as cash collateral while retaining ownership of their NFT assets.

NFT-as-a-Service – A New Business Marketing Model

Sumsun itCTO of SOLARR, says SOLARR takes the hassle out of NFT commerce with its disruptive “no-code” NFT-as-a-Service featuring an NFT payment gateway and flexible composability features such as royalty integration into subsequent sales.

“We want to make NFT commerce quick, easy and profitable by enabling brands to set up online NFT retail stores and sell branded NFT digital products as a new marketing model,” He added.

“SOLARR is building virtual economic infrastructure that will power the liquefaction of the NFT and Metaverse ecosystem,” he continued.

SOLARR has completed its Testnet application and is preparing to launch its beta application ahead of its highly anticipated public sale in June 2022.


SOLAR is from Asia first decentralized NFT-Fi platform, enabling users to increase utility, unlock value and liquefy NFTs within a secure multi-chain ecosystem with integrated economic infrastructure, paving the way for economics virtual metaverse.

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