VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Oscar-winning actress Marlee MatlinAmerican singer-songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist Debbie Gibsonand more join the growing roster of holobytes celebrities for upcoming NFT releases.

Celebrities from the entertainment, music and sports worlds collaborate with holobytes to create exclusive digital experiences with their NFT fans and collectors.

holobytes is the only NFT platform that brings together the power of blockchain and Pro Exp Media’s patent-pending augmented reality technology, creating vivid experiences between celebrities and their fans.

“We enable celebrities to gift exciting autographed, limited-edition, AR-enhanced NFTs that become part of your living space,” said Jordan Thorsteinson, co-founder and president, Pro Exp Media. “It’s not just pictures or videos – it’s literally augmented reality enhanced NFTs that let you enjoy them as virtual holograms.”

This growing expression of digital culture captures the imagination of forward-thinking artists, recording artists and athletes who are committed to curating, exploring and sharing limited-edition memories and moments with their communities.

Many celebrities join the holobytes to create special bonds and “digital handshakes” with fans, including the Oscar-winning actress Marlee MatlinAmerican singer-songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist Debbie Gibsonand players from the league’s leading MLS football club, LAFC.

“I’m always looking for new ways to stay in touch with my fanbase; the world of NFTs is a new way to reach out and stay connected,” said Hollywood star Marlee Matlin. “After looking around the whole NFT space, I found holobyte technology to stand out in this crowded forum. Their approach really got me excited and I look forward to working with them. augmented reality enhanced NFTs!”

“I love connecting with my fans in a unique way,” the pop icon said Debbie Gibson. “It’s reminiscent of trading cards from the start of my career that I still autograph to this day. My favorite word is ‘newstalgic’, that’s what this AR-enhanced NFT is – a modern take on an experience of collection to share with my Fans!”

“The world of NFT is something that has caught my eye for the past few months,” the LAFC striker explained. Christian Arango “It’s a growing business and I’m excited to work with holobytes on this new venture. I look forward to seeing the success of this project grow!”

holobytes is powered by Flow, the world’s most innovative blockchain technology, which offers high performance and energy efficiency, between 10,000 and 100,000 times less energy than competing technologies. Additionally, holobytes allow consumers and fans to easily purchase NFTs with Visa and Mastercard.

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About holobytes

holobytes is a product of Vancouver, BC, Canadabased at Pro Exp Media Inc., an immersive technology company specializing in engaging consumer augmented reality (AR) experiences and NFT blockchain technology for professional sports, music and entertainment businesses. Customers range from Bud Light and Coca-Cola to LA Kings and Kiss.

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