Nutgain’s unique new NFT Marketplace, powered by Polygon And

Liverpool, UK, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NutGain announced a brand new market for its non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This marketplace is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC), and is the world’s first-ever NFT marketplace to include a surprise price disclosure mechanism.

Key details

The platform accepts transactions in the form of $NUTGV2, $BNB and $MATIC. NFT collectors and traders can use any currency they want, including the ones mentioned above. $NUTGV2 in particular allows a special flat rate discount and also has a special “Crack the Nut” pricing mechanism based on a unique algorithm. When a user chooses to “Crack the Nut”, which displays a special price, a random discounted price will appear that would be lower than the listed price. This price will be displayed on a timer for 30 seconds, so if the user decides to proceed with the purchase, they must act within that time or the price will be hidden.

Additionally, in the event the user chooses to do so, artwork minted with $NUTGV2 may be staked on the staking platform for passive income. It should be mentioned though that NFT staking is largely ineffective for any artwork minted with $BNB or $MATIC. Currently, the NutGain NFT marketplace is being audited and KYC requirements have been met through CERTIK.

So what’s the plan?

The team will primarily focus on creating utility and value for the NFT market through different types of marketing techniques, mediums and practices. They will also include links covering particular geographies around the world to promote non-fungible tokens.

In addition, key strategic partnerships with internationally renowned and well-known artists and influencers around the world will also be established to help promote the market and add their arts as NFTs. Also, the NutGain team will mainly focus on releasing the most innovative and unique NFTs that define ancient civilization periods and rare NFTs to be traded in $NUTGV2 only.

Other important things to note about NUTGV2 is the utility token for Nutgain NFT Marketplace and the team has been doxxed and undergone Know-Your-Customer requirements, a blockchain-oriented dApps (decentralized applications) ecosystem has been put in place, SAFU DEV Pinksale has become a verified partner and finally manyaudits by notable entities are all supported.

Upcoming features include upgrading the NutGain NFT marketplace to install additional networking and bridging capabilities, launching Web 3.0 apps as well as new entertainment-based apps, and finally setting up DeFi wallets with a DEX next September.

About NutGain

NutGain is a BSC ecosystem with cutting-edge technology products. The ecosystem is now operational, including “NUTGV2 Crypto Staking” (Duel and Single), an NFT marketplace, NFT staking capabilities, as well as future plans for potential product lines such as Web 3.0, entertainment and a variety of other games.

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