NFT domain market launches minting of .metaverse, .VR, .chain addresses

An NFT domain market has announced that it allows a plethora of premium extensions to be created, including .metaverse, .VR, and .chain. claims that the arrival of these new domain names gives consumers and projects the opportunity to get their hands on highly desirable and memorable addresses.

But while they may look like ordinary web URLs at first glance, the market claims they actually offer much, much more.

Not only can they simplify crypto transactions by eliminating long alphanumeric wallet addresses – long strings of letters and numbers that can be prone to typos – these domains can also be used as a universal username on Web3, whether you are in a game or a virtual world.

Full ownership eliminates the risk of centralization or censorship, and it’s also possible to create websites on these domains as well.

Quik says all of these compelling use cases will be realized once the platform’s Chrome extension launches, and it should hit the market by the end of the year.

These custom domains are set to become the foundation of Web3, a world where tech giants are bypassed and data control is returned to users. And not only will these usernames provide a crucial identifier in our online lives, but they will also serve as crypto wallets where we can securely store our digital assets.

Even better, the extensions on offer don’t stop there – with .metaverse, .chain, .VR .doge, .shib, .bored, .web3, .btc, .address and .i also available. Collectively, this gives users the freedom to have a domain that aligns with the cryptocurrencies or technologies they believe in the most.

How to create a blockchain domain

Quik says the process of hitting or buying an NFT domain is both quick and hassle-free. They are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which means they are free from centralized entities such as ICANN.

Users can log in or create an account on, using their MetaMask or another mobile wallet. From there, they can search for the desired username and move forward to complete a transaction.

Of course, the world of NFT domain names can be incredibly competitive, which means particular names or one-word addresses are snapped up quickly. If a preferred address is not available, Quik’s systems offer a range of alternative suggestions, allowing you to find the perfect address.

Once you approve the transaction in your own wallet, it is verified on the Ethereum network. This means you won’t have to wait too long for the NFT domain to appear in your profile, ready to use as you see fit.

More information about Quik here

The internet of tomorrow

Quik regularly unveils new domain names – and offers a countdown to upcoming launches so users can be among the first to get their hands on premium titles first.

A vibrant market also means you can explore what domains other users are selling – with the best picks for short, crypto-related usernames shared on Quik’s homepage.

In the not too distant future, decentralized websites will play a bigger role in our online lives, potentially forming a crucial part of our identities. And Quik’s vision is simple: to provide transparency and make it easy for anyone to list, sell and buy these digital assets.

And while domains need to be renewed on a yearly basis, anyone who gets a Quik domain will own it forever – with all of their fees paid upfront. They will also have the option to sell it through a dedicated marketplace in the future if they wish.

Once upon a time, there was a race to grab the most memorable .com domains. Now all eyes are on the most coveted blockchain usernames, and Quik opens the door to them all.

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