Netflix’s NFT Scavenger Hunt and Elvis’ Metaverse Strategy

  • Prada and Cassius Hirst announce next NFT drop
  • Rarible co-founder talks about building community in a bear market

Netflix Show ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Launches NFT Scavenger Hunt

The animated series “Love, Death & Robots” has gone Web3 with its third season, which was released in conjunction with a digital scavenger hunt for nine NFT-linked QR codes hidden in social media accounts, billboards, and more. physical display and even in the show itself.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) represent artwork from each of the season’s nine episodes. Viewers who spot and scan a QR code can either create the art as NFT or right-click and save it. For now, only US fans can choose to mint them through a MetaMask wallet or Coinbase account, for which they must pay Ethereum gas fees. Only four QR codes have been unveiled at the time of publication.

Apparently, neither Netflix nor the show’s producers make any money from NFT sales.

Prada launches the Timecapsule NFT collection

Italian fashion brand Prada announced a monthly NFT giveaway titled Timecapsule on Monday. The luxury goods company has also opened a new community server on Discord called “Prada Crypted”.

Prada’s first Timecapsule collection was released in December 2019, and it will continue with a 24-hour limited-edition item revealed on the first Thursday of every month starting June 2, 2022.

On these days, NFT customers can acquire a unique shirt designed in collaboration with artist Cassius Hirst, son of Damien Hirst. This collaboration follows the recent launch of Cass x Prada’s Prada America’s Cup sneaker.

NFT owners can also access VIP experiences as well as future drops. Prada Timecapsule NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and are powered by the Aura Blockchain Consortium, a members-only blockchain also backed by LVMH and Mercedes-Benz.

Elvis Presley enters Web3 via the Metaverse

The Warner Bros. biopic. Pictures “Elvis” premiered last week at the Cannes Film Festival and with it a multi-metavert Elvis NFT project on the channel.

Elvis Presley Enterprises and Web3 studio Run it Wild have partnered with companies like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxel Architects, DAPPCRAFT, and Metakey to create a meeting place for Elvis fans in the metaverse.

The NFT Project will release 1:1 Elvis Genesis Key NFTs, based on a 1968 special that marked Elvis’ return to the stage. Along with access to a members-only Discord, physical and virtual galleries, NFT exhibits, and pop-ups, holders will also be able to vote for never-before-seen releases from the Elvis Vault.

A Q&A with Rarible NFT Market

Blockworks spoke to Rarible Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Alex Salnikov about the market community and his perspective on discussions of an NFT winter.

pc: How does the bear market affect the NFT market and the entire Web3 ecosystem?

Salnikov: Bear markets often present developers and start-ups with new opportunities for greater innovation. They are able to step back and assess what is really needed to move the Web3 industry forward. During a bear market, maintaining a strong sense of community becomes extremely important to the success of NFT projects.

That’s why Rarible recently launched its own accelerator and grant program, AcceleRari. Through this campaign, we will host nine Twitter Space pitch sessions where selected NFT startups can pitch their idea to our Rarible Protocol team. Of these projects, five will be chosen to receive support and resources from the protocol team, including engineering and technical development support to marketing and business development advice.

pc: What is the key for NFT projects and communities to thrive in the long term?

Salnikov: With the explosive growth of the NFT industry over the past year, we have seen an extremely diverse range of NFT projects come to fruition, from PFP [profile pictures] to a trading card or an unlockable IRL [in real life] collection of experiences. In the long term, NFT projects that continue to provide users with a strong sense of usefulness or community engagement will thrive while collections that derive their value from price speculation or the popularity of other projects will begin to be eliminated.

pc: How does Rarible build a strong community and infrastructure to support NFT collections?

Salnikov: Rarible Protocol focuses its efforts on supporting the launch of custom community marketplaces for various innovative NFT collections. We think of custom community marketplaces as the Apple Store of NFT marketplaces, compared to an Amazon NFT experience. These platforms are tailored specifically to the NFT collection and can be customized to meet the needs and interests of the collection community.

Additionally, community marketplaces are essential for the decentralized future of the industry. Currently, most NFT transactions take place at just a few sites, which is not exactly in line with Web3’s decentralization philosophy. For example, Rarible Protocol has collaborated with Degenerate Ape Academy – one of the main PFP projects on Solana – and V1 CryptoPunks community marketplaces.

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