Myland Meta and MazeArt Studio Launch Tiger Land Zodiac NFT Collection Presale on International Endangered Species Day May 20, 2022 |

Myland Metaverse Project launches Tiger Cub Zodiac NFT Collection presale session on International Endangered Species Day to celebrate the last 600 surviving Sumatran Tigers on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Tiger Cub Zodiac NFT Presale Session on May 20, 2022 launches the Myland Metaverse Project, a metaverse project initiated by a team of veteran blockchain engineers, digital artists, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Myland Metaverse Project by Myland Meta and MazeArt Studio, a Silicon Valley metaverse project started by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, artists and entrepreneurs, today announces the release of a 100% hand-drawn Zodiac Tiger Cubs NFT The Compendium. This is the first of 2 pre-sale offers for the collection to be posted on, starting on International Endangered Species Day May 20, 2022.

Myland Meta Project is dedicated to connecting the world through innovative technologies and artistic designs. 600 NFT Tiger Cub Zodiacs will be offered during this presale session and represent the last 600 surviving Sumatran Tigers in Indonesia. 15% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The tiger is currently classified as a critically endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). From the early 1900s to 2010, the tiger population declined from over 100,000 to 3,200. This decline includes 3 extinct subspecies in the wild out of a total of 9 tiger sub-areas worldwide. Myland Meta The project intends to broaden public awareness of the endangered status and seek a remedy to underpin the role played by habitat loss.

“Habitat and species loss go hand in hand.” Says Kevin McInerney, Myland Meta Project Manager. “Century predation of the natural land, rainforest and environment since the industrial revolution has wreaked havoc on humanity as well as animals. mothers, we are obligated to nurture, protect and preserve the human and animal habitat that mother earth has provided for us.”

The persistent drought in the US West in 2022 is one of the variables predicting the increase in animal species and the loss of habitat. Overall, global climate change has multiplied effects affecting large geographic areas, to reduce habitable land and species themselves.

Myland Meta Project has a 3 phase project development plan. Following the release of Tiger NFT, the project team will launch Myland Digital Earth, a copy of the real earth in digital version for NFT collectors and traders to buy and sell virtual lands and high-level iconic sites all over the world. the world at http:// The site will be launched in June. Digital land investors can purchase these plots of land anywhere on Earth, including high profile iconic sites. Iconic sites should be sold quickly.

Myland Digital Earth delivered at is the digital copy of planet Earth, which is 510 billion square meters. Our standard measurement on Myland.Earth is 10×10 meters Land Tiles. This metric yields 51 billion land tiles available to land investors, which comprise 29% land and 71% ocean, with approximately 10% of the 29% land portion being high-value landmarks. A brief version of the Myland Meta Project Calendar as shown below:

May 20, 2022: Tiger Land Zodiac NFT Presale I on

June 22, 2022: Tiger Land Zodiac NFT Presale II on

June 28, 2022: Selling Myland Digital Earth Earth and Iconic Sites on Myland.Earth NFT Marketplace

July 29, 2022: Public sale of Tiger Cub NFT with 12 zodiac signs

September 15, 2022: ERC20 Token MLND Initial DEX Offering

“Our project is led by a team of seasoned and highly motivated professionals with excellent track records in startup companies, Blockchain platform development and technology innovations. We will work diligently to build this decentralized metaverse and increase our NFT and symbolic value for our investors and community.” McNerney said.

15% of proceeds from the public sale will be donated to the dozen tiger sanctuaries that house injured and abused tigers across North America for tiger food and general veterinary care.

For detailed information on Myland Project NFT events and pricing, Tokenomics details, please visit and for roadmap and white paper of the project. You can also contact the Myland project team via the social networks below:

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