Mavarix is ​​listed on Binance NFT

New York, NY, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mavatrix, the first reward-based non-fungible token collection on the BNB Channel, has been listed on Binance NFTsthe NFT market of Binance.

This is a major achievement for the team, as it is one of the first projects led by Italy. Mavarix aims to build an entire ecosystem with NFTs, games and staking that will be part of one of the largest and fastest growing NFT marketplaces.

Powered by Binance’s blockchain infrastructure and community, the Binance NFT Marketplace provides the highest liquidity platform for users to launch and trade NFTs.

Mavatrix launched the first Legendary Collection featuring 8,799 unique artworks on December 22, 2021, and users can now buy, sell, or trade these NFTs (whose Token Tracker is MVTX) on Binance NFT Marketplace as well.

Certified by CertiK

Mavarix was recently certified by CertiK – the leading security-focused ranking platform for analyzing and monitoring blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. The Mavarix core team worked closely with CertiK experts to ensure the project passed advanced security audits and penetration testing. Overall, the Mavarix score is 88/100.

The full report is available at:

Giulio Gagliano and Jonas Canta, founders of Mavarix, proudly shared that: “The first and most important thing for us is to provide our community and our owners with the highest security standards. With Certik’s audit certification, Mavarix underlines its commitment to ensuring the security of its blockchain and smart contracts, bringing transparency and maximum benefits to investors and users.

He added, “Now that we have launched Binance NFT Marketplace, the next step is to work hard to turn what a few months ago was just a dream into reality: launching the first gacha game on the blockchain. .”

Uniqueness of Mavarix

Mavarix is ​​more than just an NFT collection. The Mavatar, which refers to the NFTs released by Mavarix, has a unique feature. Each Mavator of the first drop has its intrinsic value, due to its rewards that periodically arrive to the owner of the wallet.

Each character also has a unique DNA which is divided into 8 attributes and an “ethnicity” based on their rarity. Rarity is randomly assigned and would affect the allocations received from the reward pool.

Rewards Pool

The reward pool is a smart contract generated by the Mavarix team to collect royalties from their token’s DeFi transactions. His work is simple but technically complex. In the image below, you can appreciate in detail the weight of the percentage of rewards going to each NFT owner from the reward pool. The mechanism awards rewards from a reward pool that chooses its balance from an additional 3% slippage added on top of the normal transaction fees applied by the DeX itself. The rewards are then, from this additional 3%, distributed according to the weight of the NFT and allocated according to its rarity.

See the weight and rewards applied by it to each NFT below:

Collectors of the second drop – expected to launch in Q3 2022 – will be able to access the Mavatars generator to create new avatars with the aim of using them in-game or earning by selling them in-game or on plazas. secondary market such as Binance NFT.

Gift campaign

In order to celebrate this achievement, the Mavarix team has launched an exclusive giveaway that will allow you to win up to $4,000 worth of digital assets.

One lucky winner will be rewarded with a rare Mavatar NFT. People who come in second and third place will receive a common NFT and $100 worth of MVX tokens respectively.

Further details can be found here:

Mavarix vision for the future

Mavarix is ​​currently working on its first play-to-earn game. Giulio Gagliano and Jonas Canta, the founders of the project, describe it as a “community and interactive Gacha game center that will use blockchain and NFT technologies to allow its users to play mini-games and fight while winning. tokens. ”.

About Binance NFT

Binance NFT, the official Binance NFT Marketplace, provides an open marketplace for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and creative fans around the world with the best liquidity and lowest fees. Composed of three product lines: Premium Events, Mystery Box and a marketplace. Now, Binance NFT aims to create the first and largest GameFi NFT trading platform for game projects via IGO (Initial Game Offer) – with top game assets from top game projects. For more information, visit For the collaboration of creators and artists; Contact email:

About Mavarix

Founded by blockchain entrepreneur and advisor Giulio Gagliano and Jonas Canta, Mavatrix is ​​an international team comprised of veterans from the Fintech, Blockchain and gaming industries with the goal of bridging the gap between NFT enthusiasts and gamers.

More information about Mavarix is ​​available at






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