Loonbirds NFT Drop announced for May 17 at 19:30 UTC

Kallang, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The highly anticipated Loon Birds NFT is set to drop on May 17th. People who win the whitelist spots can purchase the NFTs at a discounted price of just 0.05 ETH. Buyers will be refunded 0.03 ETH after purchase.

the Loonbirds NFT will fall on May 17 to 0.08ETH (the official price). The Loonbirds Project NFT Avatar is run by Spax*, a virtual studio backed and trusted by a community of over 1 million social media followers and a long list of international clients. Only 10,000 are expected to drop, making it one of the most anticipated collectibles this year.

Spax* recently expanded by opening Games and Films departments responsible for producing content for AAA games in addition to Hollywood blockbusters. The studio has a reputation for providing a full range of services to some of the biggest names in the gaming industry around the world. He has been credited with contributions to titles such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Battlefront, and Fallout, among others.

The Spax* virtual studio has also been one of the largest contributors to successful Hollywood film franchises such as Transformers, Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars.

Loonbirds recently decided to follow the trend of pixel art similar to Moonbirds, but with significant differences in community building that owners of collectibles can enjoy. Each owner grants members access to various perks, exclusive products, and airdrops, among other things.

Loonbirds has a three-phase roadmap that began with the pre-build phase of the Loonbirds Genesis NFT, slated for launch in Q2 2022. A few limited-edition physical products will come bundled with equivalent avatars exclusively for rare owners of Loonbirds Genesis NFT. The partnership is with some WEB2 brands.

The second phase of the program is the Mint Phase, aka the Loonbirds Membership. Starting Q3 2022, the implementation of Web3 will be on loonbirds.xyz. All holders will be able to unlock their Loonbirds Alpha membership. One of the biggest benefits of Loonbirds Alpha Membership is exclusive Virtuos Studio discounts, fashion sizings and limited edition (physical) products.

The third phase is dubbed the Loonbird Verse, in which the company will open land acquisition opportunities in Web3 Space. The company will achieve this by hiring and partnering with some of the top experts in the industry. The work of top 3D artists and in-house developers will be leveraged to create a custom metaverse for Loonbirds.

Readers can learn more about Loonbirds NFT by visiting loons.xyz.

“Honestly, we have so much to say about the Loonbird NFT, but we want the token to do all the talking. We can say that this NFT offers buyers a unique opportunity to not only own a highly valuable collectible virtual artwork, but also enjoy the benefits of joining a private Discord group and gaining access to a long list of exclusives. Loonbirds owners will also have access to future drops and will have the necessary ticket to enter the metaverse as intended; this is perhaps the most exciting part of owning the NFT,” said a representative from Spax*.

He added: “We can tell you that this is a great investment opportunity even if you are not an art fan. There is great potential for our NFTs to increase in value in the coming weeks after launch. Plus, you join a private network where you rub shoulders with other investors and industry whales. You also have the option to be whitelisted for upcoming NFT projects we have planned.

The Loonbird NFT is becoming one of the most anticipated NFTs to launch from the ape of the board, backed by a reputable studio with plenty of creativity.

Official Loonbirds Channels: Twitter: https://twitter.com/loonbirds_xyz Discord: https://discord.gg/XvvRAvddE8 Medium: https://medium.com/loonbirds Instagram: https://instagram.com/loonbirds_xyz.


For more information about Loonbirds, contact the company here:

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