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NEW YORK, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquidifty is one of the stars of the NFT market, having integrated multi-channel support, signed more than 15 partnerships and launched a successful IoT launchpad in just one year. To mark its first anniversary, the platform will raffle NFTs from 11 popular collections: anyone who buys or sells an NFT on Liquidifty is eligible.

$25 million in sales volume and 270,000 NFTs minted

Liquidifty combines a multi-chain NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum and Polygon with an IoT/INO platform. For a new platform that is only 1 year old, Liquidifty’s results are truly impressive:

  • Over $25 million worth of NFTs sold in over 35 collections, including over $2 million for Drunk Robots and Equinox;
  • 270,000 collectibles minted by 80,000 users;
  • Partnerships with over 15 collections, NFT games and gaming guilds, including Drunk Robots, MekaVerse, Wizardium, Kryptomon and Hexarchia;
  • Over 25 talented digital artists exhibiting and selling their work on Liquidifty, as well as an LQT digital exhibition showcasing their best work;
  • Several successful IDOs, such as Drunk Robots and CanaBoys;
  • 8 contests with prizes including BAYC, CryptoPunks and other valuable NFTs;
  • A popular blog with step-by-step tutorials for newbie NFT users, market analysis, news from the NFT world, and more.

A superior IoT pass system: no whitelisting or token locking

Liquidifty’s key innovation is its three-tier IoT pass system: gas, liquid, and solid. Instead of having to lock up thousands of dollars in launch tokens or struggle to be whitelisted, as happens on other IoT platforms, Liquidifty users only need to purchase a license. pass for guaranteed allocations in all IDOs. There are no whitelists or other additional requirements.

Another successful initiative from Liquidifty is the comprehensive support offered to NFT projects. It covers marketing and sales advice, co-promotions, influencer marketing, community building and engagement activities, technical assistance, and more.

Liquidifty Anniversary Raffle: Win NFTs from 10+ Collections including MekaVerse

Liquidifty celebrates its anniversary with a 3-week raffle marathon, with NFTs from 11 top collections up for grabs, including MekaVerse, Planet Sandbox, Drunk Robots, Kryptomon, Hexarchia, Otherdeed for Otherside, IO: Imaginary Ones, Wanaka Farm, Wizardium and Official Beanz.

In order to enter the sweepstakes, users must have a special NFT birthday, which can be claimed by anyone who bought or sold a collectible on Liquidifty. As the first draw will take place on June 1, and two more will follow on June 8 and 15, users still have time to buy or sell an NFT to get a birthday NFT (see the Anniversary for more information).

After an extremely successful first year in the market, Liquidifty is looking forward to even more success in 2022. The platform plans to add support for NFTs on Avalanche and Fantom, host more IDOs, and offer even more more raffles, airdrops and perks to its Passholders. All upcoming IDOs and events are listed on

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