Lina Valentina’s ‘No More’ NFT Collection Calls Out Domestic Violence

Los Angeles, USA, 11 May 2022, Chainwire

Renowned and respected feminist artist Lina Valentina is gearing up to launch her first NFT series. Under the “No More” banner, the collection will solidify the place of women in the Web3 environment and denounce domestic violence.

Lina Valentina’s name is synonymous with the New York and Los Angeles art scene. Lina has created various impactful works of art on walls from New York to Brooklyn. Additionally, his works can be found in LA’s most prominent contemporary art galleries and on the covers of INKspired and GoodweekendMag, and more. Plus, Lina’s collaboration with Adidas in 2018 is still fresh in people’s minds.

Lina Valentina uses painting and other art forms to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence, a pressing issue even today. She borrows elements from Salvator Dali and his favorite music, creating interesting works of art capable of starting a meaningful conversation.

The NFT collection, dubbed “No More”, follows the same path as Valentina’s paintings and other works of art. It’s a tribute to women who suffer[ed] of domestic violence and decided to report it. Additionally, the collection will offer courage and hope to women who face this abuse but remain silent about it. No More” will feature 7,777 unique NFTs depicting a female face.

Lina Valentina comments on her upcoming collection:

“NFTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector. Unfortunately, there are still too few female artists in the field, only 5%. The “No More” series also aims to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.

The collection will serve several purposes as the project unfolds, including:

  • Creation of a digital gallery in the metaverse to promote the works of Lina Valentina and other artists promoting beneficial causes.
  • 300 owners of “No More” will receive a digital frame worth $800, bringing the digital artworks into the real world.
  • A special exhibition for fans to meet Lina Valentina at the Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles. NFT holders benefit from preferential prices on the physical works exhibited.
  • Donate 10% of the income generated by the “No More” drop to the Safe Horizon association, which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Lina Valentina’s upcoming NFT “No More” collection combines strong utility with a clear message and has the backing of a renowned artist. It could become the next big iconic collection sparking important conversations on an often-avoided topic. Additionally, Valentina is planning collaborations with famous personalities, with more information to be revealed in the coming months.

Keep an eye on the latest information on the series by following the social accounts of “No more» as well as those of lina valentina and The cool heart.

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