Encryptus partners with Azadi Records to explore NFTs and create innovative use cases

Encryptus and Azadi Records dive into the NFT universe to develop innovative use cases

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Institutional investment in cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly despite the current unfavorable downtrend that has dominated global crypto markets for the past few months. The past few weeks have seen fairly consistent trading volumes for Encryptus, a transparent and licensed platform for institutional crypto assets.

It is on this premise that Encryptus announces its strategic partnership with the famous label Azadi Records. The alliance will result in the exploration of the NFT ecosystem and the development of innovative use cases, which will give holders exclusive access to premium content, limited edition products, VIP tour tickets and more .

Several financial companies, including Fidelity, maintain a long-term perspective and even decide to increase their investments and operations around cryptocurrencies.

These institutions use a variety of strategies to invest in cryptocurrencies, ranging from adding them to their balance sheets to expanding their branding activities in the metaverse.

NFT is also one of the sectors that institutional investors continue to trust after the NFT boom in 2020, especially with the many NFT-specific applications coming to the metaverse.

Moreso, Shantnoo Saxsena, Founder and CEO of Encryptus says; “During the current bear market, the institutional support behind crypto remains strong, and Encryptus is pleased to play an important role in the adoption of institutional crypto. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this institutional interest in the crypto market is also working to excite existing investors who were considering a hasty exit from the market.

Given the value of NFTs, it’s no surprise that Encryptus has partnered with Azadi Records, an independent record label keen to provide South Asian artists with a platform to freely express themselves in this extraordinary quest. in the world of non-fungible tokens.

Shantnoo further adds, “Our recent partnership with Azadi Records aims to create a use case for the NFT ecosystem in India in a more compliant way. Our main focus is compliance and compliance with the law of the land.

“Nayaab.World NFTs and their utilities will open new avenues for fan-artist engagement, building a deeper relationship between them.” Mo Joshi and Uday Kapur, founders of Azadi Records.

Notably, Seedhe Maut is an artist affiliated with Azadi Records who is launching his own NFT with a tour across the country, in association with Encryptus and LBank.

This partnership between Encryptus and Azadi Records makes them one of the first Indian music labels to integrate blockchain technology into their operations and also includes NFT-centric Nayaab.world.

About Azadi Records

Azadi Records is an independent record label changing the culture of the South Asian music industry while providing a platform for music that questions, subverts and addresses the sociopolitical issues of our time. Established in 2017, the label has released records that have crossed languages, themes and regions with one vision intact: never to be silenced.

About Encryptus

Encryptus started as a crypto advisory firm in London in 2020, and since then has gotten approvals from a few countries for buying and selling crypto assets. Encryptus is operated by a team of experienced experts who fully understand the risks, compliances, and opportunities in the crypto space. We’re on a mission to empower licensed financial services firms to embrace crypto!

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