Easily create NFT collections

JustMint has launched a platform to easily create NFT collections without prior computer knowledge

GEROLSTEIN, GERMANY, June 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — JustMint, an online service in the NFT space that allows people without technological knowledge, especially artists, to create NFT collections without having to hire an expert in computing, announced today the launch of its platform www.justmint.org

Until now, creating NFT collections required artists and other non-technical people to hire a programmer or do the programming themselves. JustMint has built a complete solution to provide all the components needed to create an NFT collection, and they offer their service without incurring any upfront fees, “We only take 2.5% of the initial minting fees from our users, which corresponds to the initial creation of a non fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. A win-win, so to speak,” said Dennis Weishaar, founder and CEO of JustMint.

Weishaar explained, “We have a full website editor built right into our platform. Users can specify their own top level domains – so there is virtually no difference between a website created by a programmer and a website created on our platform. Our websites are hosted by Vercel, so they take advantage of server-side rendering and Vercel’s super-fast Edge network. Web3 connectivity/smart contracts and SSL are built into our websites by default. Our smart contracts can be updated and have all the latest features. »

Before generating a collection, users can set various parameters, such as the rarity of individual strokes as well as image effects such as blending modes and opacities. JustMint also allows users to use videos, GIFs and PNGs interchangeably, i.e. combine them into a single animation. Weishaar, “We are proud to say that we not only offer support for animations, but it only takes a few minutes to generate a complete collection, compared to alternative solutions, where it can take hours or even days. “

NFT collections are assembled with up to 10,000 unique images and sometimes more. Each NFT image itself is constructed from different parts, usually including popular NFT cartoon characters that are made from human features, such as face parts, clothes, hair, backgrounds and fun accessories. Different parts of an NFT can be rare or have bespoke aspects that determine the value of the final NFT image for sale.

The whole process of generating a collection takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the resolution of the images used or if animations are included. Once the user is satisfied, a smart contract can be deployed with one click, thus finalizing the collection.

There are several parties involved in creating an NFT collection. The most important aspects are:

• The generation itself, which requires an algorithm to generate thousands of unique parts given the characteristic files and parameters
• A smart contract, which is immutable code that lives on the blockchain and acts like a vending machine. The contract is a tool to implement a sales agreement between the owner of the NFT and the buyer, thereby removing the need for a middleman or central authority.
• A website, which provides an interface for users to interact with the smart contract.

For more information and to get started, visit justmint.org. To join the JustMint community for questions and concerns, visit discord.gg/justmint.

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Just Mint
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