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Victoria Mahe, Seychelles, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lucky Crypto, an online gambling platform that accepts crypto deposits, has launched an NFT collection: Lucky Degens. Players have the chance to win a Lucky Degen on the first-ever NFT slot in the metaverse, which can be found at the Lucky Degens Embassy in Decentraland.

Lucky Degens invites players to come win NFT at their Decentraland Embassy here. Now, in case that link doesn’t drop them in the right place, Lucky Degens embassy contact details are (-57, -104). To play the slot machine, enter the embassy and go upstairs where the machines are. Stand in front of the machine and click on the slot machine to play.

Most importantly, players should make sure their wallet is logged in (and not logged in as a guest), so they can claim their free mint of a Lucky Degen NFT if they win on the slot. .

Lucky Degens Embassy in Decentraland

In addition to their existing web 2.0 platform, luckycrypto.com, a central part of Lucky Degens long-term vision is to create a series of casinos in the metaverse. To achieve this, Lucky Degens is developing immersive games on plots they have purchased in Decentraland, Sandbox, and the upcoming Metachance metaverses – with the Decentraland Embassy already complete and accepting visitors.

Embassy Lucky Degens Decentraland offers slot machines that allow players to win Lucky Degens NFT – along with other rewards. These slot machines are currently free for all Embassy visitors and can be played up to 10 times per day. If they win a Lucky Degensl NFT, they will be entitled to a free mint of the next NFT drops. However, while the Embassy is currently open to all Decentraland visitors, players will soon need one of the handheld devices to enter.

However, owners of Lucky Degens NFT can play the slots up to 50 times per day, increasing their chances of winning another Lucky Degen by 5 times!. Soon, other slot machines will allow users to win NFTs from other collections as well as Tokens. Collaborations are welcome.

In addition to giving visitors a chance to win Lucky Degen NFTs, the Decentraland Embassy increases brand awareness. This helps attract new players to luckycrypto.com and encourages them to add Lucky Degens to their NFT collections, helping to grow their community as Lucky Degens grows its presence in the metaverse.

The OG Lucky Degens Collection drops June 24 and can be hit here. The Lucky Jungle NFT collection will be launched in July 2022.

Lucky Degen Utility

Lucky Degen NFT holders receive a host of benefits, including a free $Lucky Token each time they visit the Lucky Degens Decentraland Embassy. There are two types of Lucky Degen NFT: the OG collection and the Jungle Animal collection. Both NFT collections offer the following benefits:

  • 25% cashback, +25% revshare, free spins and other exclusive monthly rewards
  • VIP access: access private games and participate in exclusive tournaments
  • Eligibility to airdrop the $LUCKY token, which can be used as a payment method on luckycrypto.com and also be used on metaverse casinos.
  • Airdrop from a wearable, to get exclusive access to the metaverse and play higher stakes games.
  • Part of the DAO – in addition to collecting profits, you help decide the future of the casino (new games, new land to buy, etc.)

The OG Lucky Degen collection will be ultra-exclusive, as it will only feature 77 unique, hand-drawn NFTs available to mint for 0.25 ETH. In addition to all the benefits listed above, owners of OG Lucky Degen NFT also receive the following additional benefits:

  • A monthly drop of each of the 7 Jungle Animal Lucky Degen NFTs – absolutely free!
  • Exclusive Cellphone Airdrop – for use in Decentraland: Not only does it show other players your OG status, your Cellphone boosts your rewards and gives you access
  • Airdrop of $LUCKY tokens: use $LUCKY to play immediately on luckycrypto.com, with free credit!

The Jungle Animal Lucky Degen collection will include 7 different animals:

  • Bulls
  • monkeys
  • Pandas
  • Whales
  • frogs
  • Dogs
  • the Lions

A new Jungle Animal will be released every month from July 2022 to January 2023. There will be a maximum of 1111 NFTs of each Jungle Animal available to mint for 0.1 ETH, bringing the entire collection at 7777 NFT.

To learn more about Lucky Degens:

– Website: https://luckydegens.com/

– Discord: https://discord.gg/krCANgV2fm

*Special note for US residents: Unfortunately, due to Lucky Crypto’s commitment to complying with strict US gambling regulations, Lucky Degens and luckycrypto.com are restricted to users residing in the United States and its territories.

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