Dragon War brings the most exclusive NFT collections to Magic Eden

NFT strategy game Dragon War has confirmed a partnership with Magic Eden, Solana’s fast-growing NFT marketplace. As part of the deal, the play-to-earn project will make Magic Eden its preferred INO launchpad, with 5,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) going live on the site on May 16, 2022.

For the past few weeks, Dragon War has been in test mode, and a number of high-level guilds, VC partners, and KOLs have been busy exploring what the game has to offer and reporting bugs. With the full mainnet launch slated for this quarter, the upcoming NFT Sale is a golden opportunity for players to acquire the tokens needed to win battles, complete quests, climb the ranks, and successfully trade.

Magic Eden, mammoth sale

Launched last September, Magic Eden has quickly grown to become the largest market for Solana’s NFTs, with more than three times the volume of second-place Solanart. According to DappRadar, the site supports a thriving community of NFT traders and collectors, who collectively power a weekly trading volume of over $5 million.

Which makes Magic Eden the perfect place for Dragon War’s vast collection of NFTs. The 5,000 tokens that will be made available on May 16 as part of the Exclusive Epic Dragon Collection marks the first time that Epic Dragons and Body Parts will be introduced to the community (in-game, each dragon has a unique form based on its elements identified by body parts and fusion). Until now, all dragons and body parts introduced from the game and its market were part of the “rare” tier.

In Dragon War game, players are tasked with assembling the most fearsome Heroes and Dragons, to better win PvE/PvP battles and complete missions. The project has tens of thousands of unique NFTs, including dragons that are rarefied through a blending mechanism of 5 dragon classes, 5 elements, and 6 body parts with 6 different rarity levels for each.

While the original price for 5,000 NFT Dragon was set at 0.75 SOL, the exclusive price for the public round on Magic Eden will be 0.5 SOL. The top 100 participants in the current open test will be whitelisted by INO (NFT’s initial offering), while the top 10 bug hunters will become eligible for an additional mystery box.

Prior to the public launch, interested parties can familiarize themselves with the instructions for participating in the test phase, which offers players the first chance to evaluate the release and the opportunity to capture the most exclusive NFTs from the highly anticipated Epic collection. Dragon. There is no limit to the number of open test participants and each test account can only be played for a period of 7 days, starting on the first day the account is created. The main goal is to ensure that the game economy is sustainable and mutually beneficial for everyone. Additional details for joining the Bug Hunter campaign can be found here.

In addition to hardcore gamefi users, Dragon War has attracted three major gaming guilds in MetaGaming Guild, Good Gaming Guild, and X8. Nearly a dozen venture capital firms are actively researching bugs, along with more than 30 media partners, five KOL communities, and 200 influencers.

ready for war

Designed as a turn-based strategy game that mixes elements of Axie Infinity and Heroes of Might and Magic, Dragon War will offer engaging features such as boss raids, a massive online battlefield, and battle wars. guild, with familiar earning integrations like staking and farming also in the pipeline. There is even talk of a full-fledged metaverse, with digital land sales.

The Dragon War developer team chose the Solana blockchain over Ethereum or BSC because of its near-zero gas fees and lightning-fast confirmations. The game’s native asset, $DRAW, is used for utility, governance, and staking purposes, while a second token, $ERA, is primarily used for purchasing NFTs, upgrading items and event cost coverage.

Given the fiercely competitive nature of the blockchain gaming industry, Dragon War has its work cut out to fulfill its lofty ambitions. However, early signs indicate that he is well equipped for the battle ahead. With a name like Dragon War, we really shouldn’t be surprised.

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