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This week’s guest on the Cardano NFT column is a isometric multiplayer PvP and PvE battle arena game based on the Cardano blockchain: Borgz Battle.

Guest of last week was a project that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to generate beautiful NFT artwork.

This initiative is a benchmark for NFT on Cardano and every week or two we’ll invite someone over to answer a few questions and give us an update directly from the Cardano community.

Considering many of our readers are new to the crypto space, we will have a mix of simple and technical questions.

Cardano NFT Project: Borgz Battle

The Cardano NFT Battle Borgz project is an isometric multiplayer PvP and PvE battle arena

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what is your background?

Hi, thanks for the interview. We are Battle Borgz, we come from all over including the UK, Canada and the Netherlands. At our roots we are playersover time we have combined this hobby with an interest in blockchain and in particular, gimbal.

Our Nick project manager has a background in the traditional business world in the event and hospitality industries. Our lead developer has experience developing games and websitesour community manager and chief moderator both have a military background.

What is Battle Borgz, how do you integrate NFTs and why did you choose the Cardano blockchain for your project?

Battle Borgz is a isometric multiplayer PvP and PvE battle arena game based on the Cardano blockchain. Our players will use their NFTs as in-game characters in order to access our ranked modewe will also have a free play mode where an NFT is not needed. The benefits of ranked mode are the ability to earn our token, BORGZ. Players can enjoy our game while earning our token for then spend on in-game boosts or to transfer to ADA/FIAT currency.

Cardano is the ideal blockchain for projects like ours to grow and operatedue to low transaction fees and high levels of security. In particular, the low transaction fees are perfect for a battle arena game like ours. Our fast play means that our matches will end relatively quickly and a lot of BORGZ transactions will have to be done at the end of the games. Cardano’s low fees also mean players can use their BORGZ to buy some items in our game almost free of charge.

The other main reason we chose Cardano is the high level of chain security. We want our users’ wallets and funds to be 100% secure, Cardano is the smart move in this regard. We could go on longer here, for many reasons. The last one I will mention is that our team has been involved with Cardano for some time and we have a common affection for it.

What stage of development are you at? What can users already do to interact with the Battle Borgz universe?

We are in phase 2 of our roadmap. Milestones carried out in phase 1 to understand:

  • $BORGZ Sales
  • Development of 3D game environments
  • HUD development
  • 3D character development
  • Staking $BORGZ
  • 3D character animation

Everything we have developed so far predates any NFT sale, we wanted to be one of the few projects that show proven game development before any NFT mints. We are at the stage of our roadmap where our Origins V.1 workshop will take place in order to continue our development.

Borgz BattleBattle Borgz hits August 13 and can also be done through the Eternal mobile wallet

After our NFT mint, we will continue with Stage 2it involves a lot more character and environment development as well as really getting stuck in code the game and develop how our characters interact with each other.

Where do you envision your project in 1 year and beyond?

1 year from now we intend to be live with our PvP mode, initial map and game modes, and to have fully-fledged lore and storylines that deeply engage our players in the Borgz universe. After the initial launch of our mainnet, we will be working on developing our game system, including new maps, game modes, characters/factions and more. We will continuously monitor our token cycle within our game economy, we need to analyze this data to ensure game longevity.

Our long-term vision is that Battle Borgz to be among the most respected/well-known Cardano and Play to Earn projects. Our philosophy is to put more control in the hands of our players, we believe that if we stick to that and our other values, then our player base will continue to grow over time.

Thank you very much for your contribution. Closing remarks? Where can people find out more?

I would definitely recommend anyone interested in our project to join our Discord server and watch our website Where Youtube channel. There we have information and videos of our game environment and character animations. If you are looking to take a deep dive, check out our white paper.

In general our Discord server would be the best place to startwe are always here to answer all your questions and have many resources on different channels

My final words will be thank you for granting us this interview and thank you to everyone who reads.

Borgz Battle3 Battle Borgz Origins V.1 Collection NFTs

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