Bold Badgers NFT Price Analysis and Untold Story Explained

The creators are all set to reveal the untold story of the Mustelidae with their Bold Badgers NFT collection. These 10,000 flawless unique avatars are your one-way ticket to an awesome world filled with like-minded people looking to make their mark in the metaverse. Unlike any other NFT collection, the Bold Badgers NFT depicts the history of an oblivious species and brings it closer to humanity.

With exciting plans for the Bold Badgers NFT roadmap, the team has held different events and collaborations that most overlook. This article will provide users with an overview of different aspects such as Bold Badgers NFT rarity, mint price, floor price and where to buy bold badgers NFT. So let’s dive deep into the world of Mustelidae!

Bold Badgers NFT – A Quick Overview

Bold Badgers NFT Total Items – 10000 handcrafted avatars

Bold Badgers Owners – 2410

Bold Badgers NFT Floor Price – 1.76 SOL

Bold Badgers Traded Volume – 216.80K GROUND

Source: (as of May 31, 2022)

Bold Badgers NFT: Uncovering the truth about the team.

The Bold Badgers NFT collection lays the groundwork by building their burrows in the metaverse. Based on the Solana blockchain, the NFT collection is specially handcrafted by team members to optimize NFT quality by bringing a superior touch to the artwork. With each Bold Badger NFT, the holder gets exclusive access to the team unlocking countless benefits to discuss.

With the Bold Badgers Solana NFT, the creators want to make the public understand that these omnivorous creatures come out of their burrows. Their loud voice is an invitation to all who are unaware of their presence.

Bold Badgers NFT Launch / Public Sale Date

After months of effort to create the avatars, the Bold Badgers NFT Collection is ready to launch in mid-2021. As the dates approach, the team will reveal different attributes related to the project, which mainly reveals the roadmap ahead. Likewise, people waiting for the whitelist can take advantage of it.

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Bold Badgers NFT Roadmap Explained

Bold Badgers NFT is a mission with vital objectives set by the team. As the collection lands in the metaverse, users can find attributes related to different famous personalities rewarding the owner with 20 SOL at the same time. As the team successfully shares the words with the world, they will focus on integral components to strengthen the Bold Badgers community.

With different contests and merchandise in hand, the Bold Badgers NFT community will have an equal chance to participate in the same. The team has yet to share plans for airdrops, but users can expect the same in the future.

Once the community is prepared, the team, together with the members, will move forward to decide the future of this project. Unlike other projects, the Bold Badgers Solana NFT offers members an equal vote in the decision-making process. Currently, the team is focused on launching Badger Wars based on a P2E model.

Bold Badger Rarity Analysis

With each avatar handcrafted by the team, the authenticity of this project touches the sky. This unique collection of Bold Badgers is based on 170 rarity traits, including outfits, headwear, furs, and more. While most NFTs are based on the same, users can expect to find rarer coins in the collection hidden deep in the burrow.

Bold Badgers NFT Volume and Mint Price Vs. Price Floor

Bold Badgers NFT Volume and Mint Price Vs. Price Floor

Bold Badgers Mint Price

As the collection is set to launch on August 18, 2021, users should be well aware of the Bold Badgers mint price. The Bold Badgers team sets a fixed mint cost of 5 SOL excluding gas charges. All NFT Bold Badgers will be available to the public, regardless of rarity. After the typing process is completed, the user can check their assigned avatar in their attached wallet.

Since launching the Bold Badgers NFT collection, the project has unlocked a total sales volume of 216.69K SOL. With a total of 10,000 Bold Badgers NFT on the market, the collection is owned by 2,410 users. The team is preparing to launch the second wave of Badgers, which will surely affect the current sales volume.

Bold Badgers NFT Floor Price

As of May 31, 2022, the floor price of Bold Badgers NFT is set at 1.76SOL. With huge trading during the mint period, NFTs with higher Bold Badgers have listed up to 99K SOL and are still available on the secondary market. The Bold Badgers NFT price is expected to range between 1.81 and 99K SOL.

Bold Badgers Price Prediction NFT

The project saw huge trade during the mint period and is ready to wait for another with the launch of its second collection. Bold Badgers NFT price is expected to have huge upside potential as more news is revealed about it. Likewise, users who have opted for Bold Badger staking can explore upcoming opportunities as it unveils their potential.

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Where to buy Bold Badgers NFT?

While the mint process is complete, users can still access the Bold Badgers NFT Collection by visiting secondary markets. is the official marketplace partner of the project, and therefore all NFTs will be listed there.

Currently, the team has an incomparable means of reducing the fees on these works. As a user buys more NFTs, they will have to pay less fees. With 20 NFTs in the purchase, a user would have to pay 0 fees. To unlock such offers, users should opt for Bold Badgers staking as described by the team.


Bold Badgers NFT is an exciting way to enter the metaverse. The team has prepared the roadmap incomparably as it plans to introduce the P2E model. Users should stick around and explore the different possibilities that the team will introduce.

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