A new NFT project is progressing towards functional 3D

Hoboken, New Jersey, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Two veterans of the NFT and Crypto space, Tyler Dyment and Jake Loffredo, are leveraging their connections in the tech industry, the Web2 space and the financial industry traditional to create the most functional and exemplary NFT project on the market.

Trevor Dyment, the lead designer of Ape Mafia Club (AMC) brings designs to life with his extensive experience in product design. A passionate member of many early NFT communities, Trevor and his team aim to pave the way for a new path of high quality functional art.

Ape Mafia Club aims to prove its worth with in-depth pre-mint roadmap development. The project is neither singular nor linear, it covers many dimensions ranging from 2D to 3D, unique staking rewards, multicontinental investments, early access to tokenization platforms, perpetual rewards and even access to an original AMC Metaverse Casino.

AMC’s development team is confident that it will create positive ROI for all members through channels such as a leading P2E game that allows individual Ape owners to have their voices heard in aspects of club and community development.

According to the AMC team, they will give ETH & BTC gifts to holders of the rarest mafia members.

“For example, if you hold a Golden Mob Boss, you will receive 1 ETH per year in perpetuity. You will be able to use the ETH and BTC you receive by staking your monkey in the exclusive The Ape Mafia Club casino,” explained AMC CFO Jake Loffredo. “No other groups will have access to these exclusive clubs and rewards.”

Ape Mafia Club 2D project will be the first to hit the market. The 2D project will serve as a pass for the upcoming metaverse-ready 3D project.

According to CEO Tyler Dyment, all holders of the 2D Project will be dropped a 3D Collection Ape on Mint Day.

Along with accessing the Ape Mafia Club 3D draft, holders will also be able to stake their monkeys and earn 25%+ APY through native tokens.

Smart Clothes + Partnerships

AMC will stand out from other new NFT projects by embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) and rolling out exclusive smart wearables.

Original AMC garments will feature Near Frequency Communication (NFC) devices embedded in the fabric of the garments. These chips allow access to your wallet and AMC Apes in an instant.

This is just one of the ways the AMC team aims to merge the digital NFT world with the physical world.

AMC is also partnering with major gaming influencers, including xAcceptiion.

xAcceptiion is a Facebook-based game streamer with over 5 million subscribers. xAcceptiion-based monkeys will have IRL utility including VIP events, rewards, etc.

During the sale of a project on May 28, Ape Mafia Club will give away a brand new Tesla to one of its Ape holders. (See video below)

If you’re looking to get started on a promising NFT project, this might be the one you’ve been waiting for.

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Name: Tyler Dyment and Jake Loffredo
Email: team@apemafiaclub.com
City: Hoboken, New Jersey
Country: United States

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