Witness: Johnny Depp was ‘couched up’ as Amber Heard screamed

The protracted libel lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got a bit spicy on Tuesday as two of Depp’s rebuttal witnesses contradicted some of Heard’s harshest allegations.

The former owner of the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, Calif., which Heard said was the site of one of Depp’s alleged sexual assaults, testified that he saw Depp ‘couching down’ and ‘almost scared by Heard as she yelled at him the night the couple spent at his house.

Depp had rented the collection of vintage trailers overnight in May 2013 and received the keys to the oldest trailer, according to former owner Morgan Knight. About a dozen people — mostly “young hipsters,” Knight said — eventually joined the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and “Aquaman” actor.

“Mr. Depp was super curious and really nice,” Knight said on the witness stand, saying he showed the couple around and saw them for 45 minutes to an hour that night while he was doing his round.

“He was also very interested in my innkeeper because she was a musician, so they talked a lot about music. At one point the innkeeper, who lived on the neighboring property, went to get his guitar and they sang a song or two around the campfire.

Heard, however, seemed annoyed that Depp wasn’t paying attention to him, Knight said. At one point he was talking to Depp one-on-one and Heard said she wanted to talk to her then-boyfriend.

“She started yelling at him, and I didn’t want to hear it. Honestly, it was really triggering because I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship before,” Knight said before being cut off by an objection from Heard’s team.

“He was a little cowered and looked almost scared,” he said, “and it was really weird to see because he was older than her, obviously.”

Knight said Depp – who, like the others, eventually appeared drunk – grew quieter as the evening progressed.

“At the end of the night, I heard a commotion,” Knight said. “I was inside the house and walked out. I couldn’t tell what was going on. Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard were discussing I don’t know what.

The next day, he said, he learned there was damage to the 1950s trailer where Depp and Heard had been staying. Pieces had been broken off of a wall lamp in the bedroom, although the light fixture was still hanging from the wall. Knight said he was relieved to hear that was the only damage and that Depp’s folks had reimbursed the $62 it cost him to replace that sconce and one that matched it. He said no additional cleaning fees were taken after Depp-Heard’s visit.

On his first day on the stand earlier this month, Heard said Depp ransacked the trailer while yelling at him and appearing to be looking for something, throwing glasses, sweeping table tops and smashing the applies with his hand. She said she hid in the bathroom and when she came out he asked her, “Where is it and how long have I been hiding it?”

Then, she testified, Depp allegedly ripped off her clothes and performed a “cavity search” on her, looking for a missing bag of cocaine.

Heard’s team discussed on Tuesday that Knight tweeted a response to a Depp fan Twitter account after Heard’s testimony, saying, “That never happened. I was with him all night. Amber was the one acting jealous and crazy.

Knight was also asked what he thought of his participation in the trial, with the implication that he was appearing because he knew cameras were broadcasting the trial around the world.

“I’m happy to report what I saw and that’s it,” he said. “I really don’t care outside of that.”

Also on Tuesday, Jennifer Howell, CEO and founder of nonprofit Art of Elysium, testified via videotaped deposition that she acknowledged an email exchange she had with sister Whitney Henriquez. de Heard, in 2020. Henriquez is the only eyewitness to the violent behavior Heard claims to have suffered at the hands of Depp. Depp previously testified that he never hit Heard.

Howell said she wrote the email to Henriquez – formerly a very close friend who had lived with her for over a year – because she had “struggled a lot with what to do in a situation where I really liked someone doing something. wrong, and I know they’re doing it because they’re trying to protect their sister.

Howell said she was trying to get Henriquez to tell the truth. It was unclear whether the email in question would be allowed into evidence.

Depp’s rebuttal brief also included witnesses seeking to refute Heard’s damages claims that she said followed three comments from Depp’s former attorney, Adam Waldman. These comments, which allegedly represent the actor’s views, are at the heart of Heard’s $100 million defamation lawsuit. Depp demands $50 million from his ex-wife.

Among those who testified on Tuesday was Warner Bros. executive Walter Hamada. He testified that the studio considered recasting Heard’s role in the ‘Aquaman’ film because the ‘chemistry’ between her and co-star Jason Momoa needed to be created in post-production, rather than occurring naturally between them during filming.

Heard previously testified that she had to “fight” for the role due to a backfire after securing a temporary restraining order against Depp when they parted ways.

The Depp/Heard trial continues this week in Virginia, with closing arguments expected on Friday.

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