The Easy Potato Salad Recipe Is The Last You’ll Need

Few things rival classic potato salad when done right. But unfortunately, most homemade versions can be dull. The process seems simple enough, so what’s the problem?

The truth is, when made at home, potato salad can transform in many ways. Hiccups run the gamut from over or undercooked potatoes to under-seasoning. These missteps lead to soft or overly firm, bland or greasy potato salads — not what you want when making America’s favorite spring and summer side dish.

The best and easiest potato salad you’ll ever make starts with sweet buttery potatoes that are dressed in a satiny mayonnaise dressing and sprinkled with smoked bacon, crunchy celery, onions fresh greens and sweet peppers.

This is a completely foolproof recipe that I know you will come back to.

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