Johnny Depp calls abuse allegations ‘humiliating…all untrue’

Johnny Depp has delivered his final words in his libel court battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, saying in rebuttal testimony on Wednesday that “no matter what happens” in the case, he is confident that after six years to “exercise” it. [his] back,” he was able to share his truth.

“It’s insane to hear heinous accusations of violence, of sexual violence, that she attributes to me, that she accuses me of,” Depp said when asked what it was like to attend testimony. de Heard in court.

“Horrible. Ridiculous, humiliating, ridiculous, painful, savage, incredibly brutal, cruel and all wrong,” he added a minute later. “All wrong.”

Depp sued Heard for $50 million, alleging she defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she said she “became a public figure representing domestic violence, and … felt the full force of our culture’s anger for women speaking out.”

Heard countersued for $100 million, alleging defamation of Depp via three comments a former attorney made to the media. The trial is taking place in Fairfax, Va. — which is home to neither party — because the Post’s servers are located there.

After saying that no one is perfect – Depp admitted to using alcohol and drugs and being addicted to opiates – the actor said: “I have never committed sexual abuse or physical abuse from my life. All these outlandish, outrageous stories of me doing these things.

Depp said he had been living with the abuse allegations for six years and had waited to tell his side of the story.

“It’s not easy for any of us, I know that, but no matter what, I got here and spoke the truth and talked about what I’m carrying on my back, reluctantly, for six years,” he said.

Her testimony also included comments about former sister-in-law Whitney Henriquez’s relationship with her sister, Heard.

“It was kind of a weird combination of loving sister, trusted sister and friend, and then lackey,” Depp said. “Then either the punching bag, or the dartboard, or the recipient of a few rather demeaning and ugly words. Or her [Henriquez] would have wine thrown in his face.

He added: “It was just constantly up and down. But I could feel it, I could feel it, Whitney was trying to please her sister, trying to live up to it, and it looked like she was getting shot every time.

Depp said he saw Heard grab his sister or push her, and said there were times when he and others had to leave the room while the sisters fought “both physically and metaphorically”. .

Henriquez testified that Depp was the aggressor against Heard in a fight on a staircase. She is the only witness testifying to having seen Depp commit violence against Heard.

During cross-examination, Heard’s team challenged Depp’s rebuttal testimony regarding a black eye he allegedly received from Heard during their honeymoon on the Orient Express. Depp said a photo Heard’s team obtained from the Orient Express Facebook page – which did not show the minnow – looked like “my eyes were photoshopped”.

Amber Heard listens to ex-husband Johnny Depp’s rebuttal testimony in court on Wednesday.

(Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via Associated Press)

After Depp said earlier on Wednesday that he could not remember any wall telephones in the bar of the Australian house where his finger had been seriously injured, lawyer Heard Benjamin Rottenborn reminded Depp of the testimony he had given in his libel suit against the Sun in the UK. In that UK testimony, Depp admitted remembering that a wall-mounted telephone was present and ripping the telephone from the wall.

Heard maintains that Depp severed his finger while repeatedly smashing a wall phone; Depp says Heard caused the injury by throwing a bottle in his hand as he sat at the Australian house bar.

As Rottenborn read Depp’s statements he allegedly made about women and sex, the actor said the comments were “ridiculous” and that “there’s not enough pride in me to say something like that”. The lawyer then presented text messages between Depp and his former assistant Stephen Deuters in 2017 which included the exact statements the actor said he never made.

The lawyer also featured harsh and explicit text messages in which Depp disparaged Heard, including one in which he wrote: ‘She’s begging for total worldwide humiliation’ – and that she was going to get it.

“When you’re accused of horrible acts and things you didn’t do, it’s actually very ugly things happening in the world about you non-stop by Ms. Heard and her team, you tend, like humans, to get very mad and angry,” Depp said when his attorney Camille Vasquez asked about him about those texts during redirected questioning.

“Not to the point of going out and hurting someone, not even to the point of assaulting a cabinet, but you get mad. You wonder why this person is doing this to me.

The trial will continue until Friday, when each side will have two hours to present their closing arguments. The trial is broadcast and streamed live via CourtTV and other outlets.

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