4th of July party foods that dazzle in red, white and blue

If you’re like us, you’ve recently looked at a calendar and realized that the 4th of July BBQ you’ve been planning is coming sooner than you thought.

And now, when faced with the other responsibilities of the week, you no longer have time to rummage through your cookbooks or browse Google.

To cut down on the search time, we’ve rounded up a variety of sweet, savory, and delicious recipes to elevate your Independence Day spread. And, best of all, they’re all red, white, and blue foods to keep your party looking patriotic and they’re easy to make, too.

Check out the ideas we found most appealing to celebrate below.

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blueberry cooking

Growing up, we had this every 4th of July, Memorial Day, block party — you name it. Whatever holidays or warm weather occasions were on the calendar, a blueberry kuchen was on the table. This sweet fruit tart is delicious on-trend and perfect for summer.

With Kristen Coffield’s version calling it seven ingredients and six steps, this summer favorite is a winner every time.

And, it can be made even more festive with an addition.

“You can add fresh raspberries to the filling and then sprinkle with icing sugar,” Coffield told USA TODAY in an email. “It gives a festive presentation in red, white and blue.”

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