How this scientifically based serum helps to firm sagging skin in just 4 weeks

To our dismay, the skin weakens with age (wrinkles are not the only sign of many trips around the sun!). We are slowly beginning to see that gravity, UV rays and pollution take their toll on the firmness of our skin. And unfortunately, no amount of gua sha or facial massage can pick it up. … Read more

Why facial social media filters are disappearing for users in Texas and Illinois

Social network users in Texas and Illinois found that their favorite facial filters on Instagram and Facebook had been removed overnight. Meta, the parent company of both platforms, has said it is temporarily shutting down augmented reality technology, which creates facial filters and avatars that some see as face recognition, to prevent “unreasonable and disruptive … Read more

Fashion designer Taylor Dorry’s Beauty Rutine

“Hi! My name is Taylor Dorry (@taylordorry) and I’m a South Florida fashion designer and manufacturer. My instagram only started as my personal account, but it has evolved into both personal and my brand. Actually, it’s pretty good considering that that my brand is through and through me.I am also really grateful for Instagram because … Read more

Why Goop advertises $ 120 luxury Bejeweled diapers

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to cause a stir by launching a new product, a disposable jeweled diaper that has gone through our instagram resources and caused confusion and loud, “Is it real?” reaction. At first glance, we said the same thing, why a diaper, why jewelry, and why an exorbitant price like $ … Read more

The star of the series “Friends” – “Law & Order” Odelya Halevi vows to rest

Tracking Law and order it’s not for the weak – nor is it filming, according to a new addition to Odelya Halevi, who plays Samantha Maroun, a determined ADA in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The iconic show returned in February after a 12-year hiatus and, Maroun says, also comes with some essential moments of … Read more

Breast Implant Science: Everything you need to know about the gel, filler and sheath of your implants

For many patients, knowing what procedure you want is the easiest part of your journey through plastic surgery. Do you want to get rid of a bulge on your nose? Choose rhinoplasty. Do you have excess skin in the middle? A tummy tuck is likely for you. This means that some plastic surgery options require … Read more

JLo Beauty and HydraFacial have teamed up

Turning back events we haven’t seen, JLo Beauty Jennifer Lopez is teaming up with HydraFacial skin rejuvenation treatment to introduce the HydraFacial X JLo Beauty Booster, inspired by the iconic JLo glow. This booster, which features the brand’s main product, That JLo Glow Serum ($ 67), can be added to all HydraFacial treatments for extra … Read more

Influencer ‘The Derm Wife’ comes for your blemishes with JORI Skin Care

Skin care lovers know The Derm Wife because it has made a name for itself as a flu-pervert. She’s not just skin care – she’s obsessed like the rest of us. Cori Zeichner also relies on her proximity to her husband, a certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, who from time to time serves as a … Read more

Casey Wilson is not afraid to be real – and spicy

Actor, ex Saturday night life star, podcast author and presenter Casey Wilson kept it a refreshing reality during our chat, from being honest about not meditating to admitting her love for multitasking makeup products. “That’s the kind of product I value.” Where it is, and it’s this. Your lipstick is also a tampon, ”says Wilson. … Read more

How to repair a weak skin barrier

I remember the last time I took off my skin barrier, like it was yesterday: last fall I tested the products for our NewBeauty Awards and I was very pregnant (ie my skin became more sensitive) and I had no idea it would react so negatively. layering two sera containing the ingredients I used before, … Read more

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