Why Naomi Osaka has placed representation at the forefront of her new line of skin care

Naomi Osaka, 24, known as a mental health advocate and iconic athlete, is a pioneer on and off the court. It’s no surprise that her latest project was created for an under-represented group, women with darker skin tones, who are looking for sophisticated formulations specially created for their unique needs.

With its new KINLÒ skincare and tanning line now available at Walmart, it is excited to be able to expand its reach for those who want more targeted skincare options at the drugstore. Here she will share for a moment how she developed her new line and what it’s like to fulfill her dream as a beauty boss.

Why was it important for you to create a skin care brand for melanin-rich skin?

“It was important for me to create this line to serve a community that I think was poorly served in terms of sunscreens and skin care to protect your skin from harmful rays. So many products leave a very white, chalk casting and there is no smooth application. We knew we wanted to change that. “

What excites you to bring KINLÒ to Walmart?

“Partnering with Walmart is so exciting because it’s the business where we grew up and bought goods. Knowing that KINLÒ may now be more affordable and available nationwide in stores is also an exciting milestone. It’s not enough for me to just create a great product; it is also about ensuring that the product reaches the people who need it. Walmart makes it possible. ”

What are your sun care habits when you are on the tennis courts?

“I do it easily.” I always apply sunscreen before I go out and during the day, when I train, I apply mist and sunscreen. I learned when I first got really bad in Australia and it turned out that even melanized skin can burn, so it’s important to me that it is applied daily and often. I am out with tennis a lot and it was necessary for me to create this product. “

Which product in your line should everyone try?

“I love the Golden Rays Tinted ($ 12), but I’m also a fan of the Golden Rays Mist ($ 10). Coconut body oil is also a new favorite to use after a bath at the end of the day because I love its scent.

What did you learn about yourself when you are the boss of beauty?

“When I first started playing tennis, I really didn’t think I would be the boss or the CEO, but working at KINL ‘showed me that following what I believe in and setting big goals is really rewarding. So I can say that I am really proud of this brand and everything it means. “

How do your two passions, tennis and beauty, intersect?

“I’m not entirely sure they intersect, but everyone is part of who I am now.” Of course, I’m passionate about tennis and I like to play it. I’m also really proud to be in a cosmetic space representing women of different skin colors and people who have melancholic skin. “

What is your favorite way to relax?

“I love listening to music and playing video games.”

Who is your biggest inspiration for beauty and why?

“I think I would have to tell my mom because she kept her beauty regime simple and never complicated anything too much, but it’s also just a natural beauty from the inside out.”

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