Wellness TikTok Influencers are bad at tantric sex

The goal of tantric sex is not to achieve a stunning orgasm (although it can definitely happen), but rather to enjoy every touch, kiss and sensation that appears during intimate moments. It doesn’t have to involve penetrating sex – just a simple moment of mutual caressing, mutual eye contact, parallel masturbation or even kink play and BDSM can be considered tantric sex.

According to Rosary Torris, PhD, a licensed AASECT-certified clinical social worker and sex therapist at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy in Syosset, New York, the mainstay of tantric sex is self-awareness, its connection to sexual intercourse. partner and the Earth and “building energy exchanges through sex with another person”.

What is a tantric sexual position and what does TikTok have to do with it?

Wellness TikTokers is currently fascinated by tantric sex, but its intrigues (and appropriation) of mainstream media existed long before mobile phones and the Internet, not to mention social networks. Do you remember early children’s magazines in grocery stores with the words “101 sexual positions to amaze your husband” on the front page and full of dozens of cheeky graphics of sexual positions?

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the famous Khajuraho temples boast a number of stunning arts, including erotic stone sculptures.Getty Images

According to Gray, such positions are technical tantric sexual positions derived from Kama Sutra, which came out around 300 AD, a few hundred years before Tantra was founded. Gray notes that the Kama Sutra had “a great influence on the tantric sexual traditions that developed several centuries later,” and argues that the graphics of sexual positions scattered over wellness publications can be useful for novice tantric sex.

With what has been said, Yarian says take them with a grain of salt, because these guides represent only “maybe five percent” of the Kamasutra’s focus. “Sexual positions have nothing to do with tantra, which is more about attitude, openness, embracing erotic energies within, no matter how they are expressed,” says Yarian. “Giving an equal between a tantra and a sexual position would be like giving an equal between democracy and voting machines. Useful, perhaps to express the meaning of the term, but not equal to the term.”

What is TikTok wrong about tantra?

Many of the “tantric” videos that your algorithm throws at you are actually part of a dilute derivative of traditional tantra: neotanthra, also known as modern or western tantra. According to Cyndi Darnell, a certified New York-based clinical sexologist, sex and relationship counselor, and book author Sex when you don’t want to: The truth about disparate libido and rediscovering desire, neotantra is rather a narrowed, cherry derivative of traditional tantra, which focuses on sexuality. “[It’s] basically mindfulness with the pants down, ”he says.

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the famous Khajuraho temples boast a number of stunning arts, including erotic stone sculptures.Getty Images

You will usually encounter this form of tantra on social networks or if you decide to go to a tantric sex workshop, two options that usually cover the surface of the chakras, breathing techniques, sexual yoga positions and an introduction to the approach to spiritual sexuality. “But what is absolutely not is related to his offspring, which is the original form of tantra,” he says. “We must understand that what we learn in the neotanthric workshop is not necessarily a direct descendant of these ancient Eastern practices.”


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