We have tested the best-selling Sephora eyelash serum – here is what you can expect

I used to be addicted to eyelash extensions. I loved waking up every morning with dark, thick, long fringes that made me look sleek and fused after years of hearing “look tired” when my blonde lashes were without mascara. But I didn’t like the maintenance, the cost, or the effects after I let them run and finally pulled out (I know, it’s not good) the few remaining ones popping up here and there, which drove me crazy and left me short, thick lashes. Then I discovered the power of GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum and realized that I no longer needed my artificial bangs. Here’s why this award-winning serum – which has won our NewBeauty award several times – is worth the hype.


Grande Cosmetics founder Alicia Grande has deciphered the code for improving eyelashes with this little golden tube of magic. Tested and clinically proven by an ophthalmologist, it transforms short, weak lashes by lengthening and thickening them. Believe me, after three months (maybe sooner), your friends will ask you what you are doing and will want to experience the results themselves. The results look and look natural – like your lashes, but better – and I especially recommend it to anyone who has suffered from fragile and damaged lashes after eyelash extensions to help them come back to life.

Key ingredients:

The serum contains a mixture of amino acids that strengthen algae, modify hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, and a mixture of nutrient-rich botanical extracts – ginseng root, chamomile flowers and bear leaves – that help strengthen the algae follicle.

What’s free:


How to use it:

It’s as easy as swiping across the lash line on each eye before going to bed (one dip in the tube is enough for both eyes) – at this point I could do it in the dark without a mirror. It’s a clear serum, so unlike the impossible task of applying black liquid eyeliner, it’s easy. I also have contacts and it doesn’t disturb my contacts or irritate my eyes (but avoid getting in your eyes). You can also apply it when extending lashes, so that your natural lashes under it are healthy and strong.

And remember, it works at the roots of your lashes (you don’t have to drag lengths of lashes like mascara). One tube is enough for a three-month supply of serum that Alicia intentionally created to withstand the length of the natural eyelash hair cycle. Once you get the thicker and longer look you hoped for, you can apply it every other day to maintain it. Alicia also taught me that using more than one pass or using it more than once a day will not give you better or faster results.

Clinical studies:

In a 12-week consumer study of 30 participants, the results showed what I experience every time I use this serum: 94 percent of users saw healthier looking lashes, 91 percent saw longer lashes, and 97 percent saw more visible lashes. (I’m definitely related to this).

Bottom Line:

There is a reason why this eyelash serum is the best-selling Sephora in this category and has rave reviews: it really works. It’s also so easy to use – it’s basically fault-tolerant, you can’t go wrong with it – and its application takes two seconds, which a busy mom like me will really appreciate. Do you want more evidence? Brooke Shields says she used it on her eyebrows to keep it full after childbirth (postpartum hair loss is brutal and her eyebrows speak for themselves), although we would recommend Grande’s Brow Serum for these hairs instead.

Price / where to buy:

$ 68, grandecosmetics.com

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