This simple nipple procedure helps boost people’s confidence in their breasts

Although it is quite common, many men and women realize that they have inverted nipples. “Some women are born with inverted nipples, and others may develop them after breastfeeding or breast surgery,” says Duxbury, MA plastic surgeon Christine DiEdwardo, MD. Fortunately, correcting concerns is as easy as a visit to the plastic surgeon, and the procedure can take less than an hour.

What causes inverted nipples?

“This condition is caused by narrowed tissue behind the nipple,” explains Dr. DiEdwardo. “Although it is common, many women do not discuss their problems with their friends or their doctors. Some people are very embarrassed by this and are only looking for a nipple fix,” she notes.

For Houston, Texas-based plastic surgeon Olga Bachilo, most patients deal with it as part of breast surgery, but more and more patients are seeking it as a stand-alone procedure. “It’s important to remember that not every nipple that looks luscious is luscious. Sometimes it’s just a lack of projection. For it to be an inverted nipple, the straps have to pull it in.”

How is nipple repair done?

Dr. DiEdwardo says the procedure involves releasing the tied tissue behind the nipple through a very small incision. “This is followed by the placement of stitches to allow the nipple to heal in an inverted position,” she explains.

“First, I have to make sure that the patient realizes that breastfeeding will not be possible after this procedure, because we will literally cut the ducts,” adds Dr. Bachila. “The incision is made right at the base of the nipple.” It is produced with only a few millimeters and we release the tapes with an 11-bladed scalpel. It is minimally invasive and may cause some tenderness and swelling.”

What anesthesia is used?

“The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about one hour,” adds Dr. DiEdwardo. “It’s a very easy procedure and there’s a very short recovery time after surgery.”