These $13 pimple patches are Justin Bieber approved

Who says skincare has to stop once you step out the door? Certainly not Justin Bieber, who was recently spotted sporting a pout out on the town picking up some skincare on the go. The star’s face was littered with a few pimples as he was just trying to deal with acne on the go – we can relate. The best part? The pimple patches Bieber is wearing cost just $13.

While many pimple patches opt for subtlety with sheer or skin-toned shades – so they blend in seamlessly – Starface challenges that with bright, fun star-shaped patches that harken back to your childhood of putting stickers on your face for fun. As a star in his own right, it’s no surprise that Bieber wanted to use a pimple patch to add something to his look, but of course that’s not their whole purpose.

Starface has a variety of patches, the ones Bieber wore are the Black Star Pimple Patches ($13) which are formulated to absorb, heal and protect. The pack contains 32 patches made with 100% hydrocolloid, which is clinically proven to absorb fluid, reduce inflammation and shrink spots overnight.

Not only is the star shape cute, but it’s also designed to fit the contours of your face perfectly – so they don’t slide out of place. The brand has a range of patches to deal with different types of pimples with more fun colors. They are especially great for preventing picking and keeping the site safe from outside aggressors.