The star of the series “Friends” – “Law & Order” Odelya Halevi vows to rest

Tracking Law and order it’s not for the weak – nor is it filming, according to a new addition to Odelya Halevi, who plays Samantha Maroun, a determined ADA in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The iconic show returned in February after a 12-year hiatus and, Maroun says, also comes with some essential moments of self-care as the actors and crew pack together.

In the wind down: “I believe I should sleep eight hours a night – and I will not go to bed without turning on Friends or Sex in the city. Laughter therapy really helps me calm down after 12 hours of work. No matter what I do, even if I just listen, it’s always in the background. When I listen and laugh, I wake up in the morning great and relaxed. “

Yaniv Katz

About her wellness trips: “I have to practice every other day.” I found that it helps with my anxiety, emotions, thoughts. I try to massage once a week and I’ll have my nails done over the weekend. But my biggest “time for me” is to turn off my phone and not get involved. “

About her skin care routine: “I love Dermalogica cleansing and moisturizing face cream! I have been using these products for years. I recently started using the NuFACE facial toning device. It uses microcurrent technology to improve skin tone and helps weakened facial muscles. I definitely see a huge change in the appearance of my skin. Wearing makeup 12 hours a day on set caused my skin to burst and NuFACE really saved the day. ”

About her makeup without makeup: “I’m about a dewy look without makeup. My favorite brand for makeup is Armani. It is light and the composition is so easy to spread. I don’t leave the house without my NARS concealer, which fully covers my stubborn dark circles. My secret for natural-looking felt lips is the toned blackberry Nivea lip balm.

About why he loves New York right now: “I’m really excited to settle in town this summer. I moved here for an exhibition and now the weather is better; I love the bright sky – it’s beautiful. I’m looking forward to enjoying the sunny days and the city more. “

Yaniv Katz

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