The most sought after skin care tool can help you beat the blackheads

Home skin care went beyond exfoliation and eye masks. There are dozens of new devices on the market – and ancient tools that are trendy again – that help keep your skin healthy and radiant. According to information from Spate, which Plum Beauty shared with us, the market is on the rise with an average monthly 1.4 million searches for cosmetics and facials – but one skin care tool is the most sought after: facial scraper .

The face scraper, which also uses a skin spatula, uses ultrasonic waves to penetrate the skin and promotes deep exfoliation. This process is designed to minimize blackheads and other spots. According to Spate statistics, searches for facial scrapers have increased by 78.7 percent since last year, while the average monthly search volume in the US is 76.2,000. Serum Infuser ($ 99), shown that works twice to clear pores and make your sera work as well as possible.

In second place before the skin spatula was the gua sha stone. This traditional Chinese medicine uses a flat piece of jade or rose quartz to improve skin elasticity and blood circulation for more radiant and contoured skin.

The gua sha ice roller follows. Ice war searches have risen 70.6 percent in the past year. The ice cylinder uses cryotherapy to strengthen blood circulation, soothe swelling and irritate and tighten the skin. These three popular facial accessories are the perfect items you can have in your skin care toolkit.

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