The main aesthetic innovations of the face are already underway in 2022

In the world of facial surgery and rejuvenation, the techniques and approaches vary from doctor to doctor. There are facial surgeons who love a facelift of deep planes and others who prefer a different approach. Some facial experts use threads, others do not. Over the years, we have found that the best aestheticians, in addition to having their own preferences or positions, are committed to further education, learning from their colleagues, sharing their techniques and keeping up with advances in the field. That’s why we aim to be where they have to learn about what’s going on in aesthetics now.

At the latest spring conferences – Miami Cosmetic Surgery Conference and The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Advances in Rhinoplasty – NewBeauty was here to meet our experts and find out what’s new, what’s trendy and what’s next.

Possibility of rhinoplasty without scars

At the Miami Cosmetic Surgery Arcadia, CA, plastic surgeon Art Yu, MD, spoke at a panel entitled “Things I Do That I Didn’t Publish, But You Should Know About Them,” where he spoke about his completely closed rhinoplasty techniques, where he performs surgery. intraorally. Dr. Yu shared with us photographs of this process, where he is able to reshape his nose internally without making any internal or external incisions in his nose, but by cutting from the inside of his mouth. “There is no cutting from the outside and all reshaping is done from the inside of the upper lip,” he explains. From this incision, he is able to reshape the nose with grafts to straighten the bridge and raise the tip. “To create a better nose tip, I use the ear cartilage to create a tip graft and insert it through the tunnel created in front of the colloid through that intraoral incision. This is followed by the insertion of the colloma graft just below the spike graft. ”In addition to the natural-looking result, Dr. Yu says his patient loves that there is absolutely no scar anywhere in his nose.

GenX and Millennial The center of the road Anti-aging procedures

According to Los Angeles plastic surgeon Denise Wong, MD, one of the trends he often sees is the use of minimally invasive procedures as an intermediate step against aging in patients aged 30 to 40 who want gentle lifting. The doctor says that when patients are not ready for a facelift or eye surgery, but want something more than the injections can provide, a thread lift serves as a good mediator. “It’s more like a bridge between non-surgical and more aggressive operations, because either you really don’t need that much aggressive approach, or patients aren’t willing to undergo surgery.” Another example he cites is the use of a combined approach, such as fat transfer and botox cosmetic injection, to address problem areas, rather than undergoing some form of facelift. “Some of these problems, such as volume loss and wrinkles, can really be solved. The combined approach is best when using non-surgical treatment. ”

A better way to PRP

From Southlake, TX and Monroe, LA dermatologist Janine Hopkins, MD, came CuraCater, a medical device designed to stop needle pricking, spillage, wastage and hands-free application of platelet-rich plasma, exosomes or other sera to new injured skin. laser and microneedling. “This practical, simple sterile device attaches to any universal luer lock syringe to allow the user to slowly, carefully and gently apply the product to the skin or any tissue.”

Consideration of a “mirror image” with surgical results

According to New York facial plastic surgeon Steven Pearlman, MD, the number of people who think they have a crooked nose because of cell phone lenses has skyrocketed, which has changed the perception of their features. We look in the mirror ten times a day, but our photos are reversed. So when you see your photo, your asymmetries are exaggerated. During two months of consecutive consultations, we asked patients to look at their mirror image against their photographic image, and we asked them, ‘Which photo do you like better?’ More than 90 percent chose their mirror image. Dr. Pearlman says social media, selfie and wide-angle cell phone lenses have distorted our perceptions of ourselves so much that our noses have been hit. “That’s why we see a rise in people who think they have a crooked nose. Even a small asymmetry will be grossly exaggerated. “

Younger patients are open to lifts with limited incisions

When asked if facelift patients are younger, said Atlanta plastic surgeon Mark Beaty, MD, his patients tend to consider lifting and how much it matters how they rate the face during surgery. “There are things that I don’t think you can evaluate in the preoperative phase until you actually lay your hands on this SMAS and feel its integrity, flexibility, thickness, all of these things,” he says. Recognizes that skin and tissue quality is more of a factor than chronological age, and shares that relocation of facial supporting tissue can be accomplished by limited access incisions with relatively limited dissection. “This is how I describe the technique to patients and it opened a window for younger patients to be more inclined to consider surgery.”

Avoid hyperpigmentation from filler injections on skin rich in melanin

As one of the first dermatologists to present at AAFPRS Advances in Rhinoplasty, New York dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, took the opportunity to share her techniques to avoid causing hyperpigmentation in colored skin when performing treatments such as lasers and fillers. For lasers, it is recommended to start slowly and with injections, preferring the cannula to the needle. “It reduces the number of injection sites, which reduces the chance of bruising, which reduces the chance of hemosiderin deposition,” he explains. “Side effects such as irritation, inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be really long-lasting and difficult to treat in colored skin, so we try to use best practices to avoid these things whenever possible.”

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