The 40 Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding In 2022

POV: Your wedding day is approaching. You have secured a place, a guest list is created, invitations are printed, bridesmaids are selected, cake decorating is resolved. Of the countless things you should think about before heading down the aisle, you usually mean what you will look like on your big day. Once the dress is secured and the makeup artist nails the show, all that’s left is to figure out what to do with the hair. You want it to be just that, because you’re probably taking pictures all day.

The way you wear your hair can completely change the mood of your appearance. Your hairstyle will ideally complement – not compete – the details of your outfit. So where do you start looking for the right “do when you say” I’m doing? “Consider this tip from New York wedding hairdresser Lauren Baxter:” I always say that a bride should look and feel like a sleeker version of herself on her wedding day. If you’re someone “who wears his hair always loose, and you feel most comfortable when it’s down, and then wear it down. The same is true when you always wear it up.”

Of course, you can also decide on your wedding hairstyle according to your outfit. Danielle Diaz, a wedding specialist at the New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon, says: “If your back is open, you may want to put your hair up to see the details. Do you wear anything classic? Maybe an elegant wedding ornament. Will you be more boho? Try something down and relax. ”Your veil’s style, or whether you wear it at all, can play a role in choosing the right look.

In short, wedding hairstyles should ideally complement three things: 1) your personality, 2) your set, and 3) the aesthetics of your wedding.

Ask a hairdresser to do the test after you find your dress. “When it comes to hair care, let them know as soon as you set a date, and then they can come up with a schedule that best suits your needs,” says Diaz. “I recommend the cut and color within two weeks before the wedding. Refreshing the color and adjusting the face framing is essential for most wedding looks.”

Whether you are planning a romantic, rough, classic or casual style, we have ideas for almost any wedding hairstyle you can think of. Read the inspo from both real weddings and the red carpet.

Meet the experts:

  • Lauren Baxterwedding hairdresser based in New York.
  • Danielle Diazováwedding hair specialist at Butterfly Studio in New York City.
  • Sean Gallaghera hairdresser from New York who specializes in bridal and social hair.
  • Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, hairdresser and owner of TSD Hair. During her career, she has worked with clients such as Kerry Washington, Ariana DeBose and Uzo Aduba. He is currently based in New York.
  • Dana Tizziowedding hair specialist at Butterfly Studio, which works with clients in New York / New Jersey / Connecticut.
  • Teddi Cranfordhairdresser, owner and creative director of White Rose Collective in New York.
  • Lisa Wellerhairdresser and owner of Twirl Salon, based in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Cataanda Jameshairdresser, colorist and multicultural hair care educator based in New York.
  • Olga Markuseováwedding hairdresser and make-up artist based in Southampton, UK

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