Teddi Mellencamp is responding to disapproving fans about the necklift operation

Reality star, podcast presenter and wellness brand founder Teddi Mellencamp tends to get a lot of attention from fans and followers no matter what she does. Former real housewife from Beverly Hills decided to clarify recent facial surgery, share news online, and talk openly about her decision to undergo neck lifting to redefine the lower face, jaw, and neck.

The star, 40, has received a stain from a fan who sent her a private Instagram message to complain that the star underwent facial surgery. “You’re a well-known person who tries to help women lose weight, but you’re doing a facelift to remind those of us who need someone who can’t afford it, how ugly we are.” Mellencamp did not intend to stand up for the slander and sent a reply from her recovery bed with fresh bandages.

“I am transparent in my way,” he wrote Two T’s in the pod podcast host. “Would you rather I wanted to and pretend that the loose skin on my neck had disappeared?” It is not me. You only want to follow people who show up through a filtered version of yourself, then I’m not the one you should follow. “

In order not to be discouraged from sharing her experience, Mellencamp asked her followers whether or not she should continue to share the cosmetic procedures she chose to undergo. An audible 96 percent agreed that the TV star should ignore the haters and remain open and honest.

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