“Laser Lip FIip” is a new needle-free way to shape thin lips

We know about “Botox Lip Flip”, but what is “Laser Lip Flip”? The new LipLase treatment helps enhance lips using laser energy for a needle-free, filler-free treatment that helps give thin lips a fuller, fuller look. Here’s everything you should know about “Laser Lip Flip.”

How does it work?

Southlake, TX and Monroe, LA dermatologist Janine Hopkins, MD says that using the Fotona laser, the LipLase procedure can help not only treat bar code lines on the upper lip, but also smooth vermilion edges, the white line you see that borders your lips. “The laser uses subablative energy to stimulate the mucosal tissue to produce collagen,” he explains. “Then, using precise Erbium:YAG ablative settings, we treat the vermilion border to tighten the skin, giving it an improved appearance.”

The upper and lower lips of this patient are after LipLase treatment with Dr. Hopkins fuller and more expressive.
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According to Beverly Hills, CA, dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD, it helps define the lips and gives a more defined position to the upper lip line. “It uses these two methods to tighten the tissue inside the upper and lower lips by building up heat to fill and define the border.”

It is safe?

If you’re worried about the heat on your lips, Dr. Shamban says there is no thermal effect on the surface. “It’s a super safe and satisfying treatment for younger patients who don’t really need lip fillers but want to enhance their natural lip shape and volume,” adds Dr. Hopkins. “It’s also great for more mature patients as it reduces vertical lines and smooths and plumps the lips.”

Can you do LipLase alongside injectables?

“I often use LipLase along with a little neurotoxin for the perfect ‘Lip Flip’ result,” says Dr. Hopkins, who notes that the number of treatments needed varies by patient. “It could be one or two sessions for a younger, wrinkle-free patient, or three to five for older lips.”

How many treatments are needed?

Like the “Botox Lip Flip”, regular maintenance is recommended every four to six months depending on the patient to maintain a plumper appearance.