Kim Kardashian’s skin care line is here

As if SKIMS and KKW Beauty weren’t enough, Kim Kardashian adds another feather to her hat, launching a brand new skin care brand. SKKN BY KIM, announced today, is a collection of nine products that will be officially launched later this month.

The collection, created by Kardashian herself, “was born out of Kim’s dream to bridge the gap between the world’s most renowned dermatologists and people looking for highly effective skin care at home,” the press release said. Coty, the beauty conglomerate behind Rimmel, Wella and Kylie Cosmetics, will support the line. Kardashian will serve as the brand’s founder and CEO.

“Kim’s visionary approach With her knowledge of years of working with global skin care specialists and leading Coty experts, each product has been thoughtfully formulated to take care of all skin types, tones and textures at every stage of maturity. Through active ingredients and technical recipes, SKKN BY KIM offers clinically proven skin care solutions that support the skin’s natural abilities and revitalize the skin. ”

“In all my business endeavors, I have been driven by a passion to fill gaps in the market with sophisticated and popular performance-based products – and I have taken the same effort and approach in creating an older skincare brand,” says Kardashian. “What started as a diagnosis of psoriasis became the catalyst for my journey through skin care discoveries and inspired me to learn more about my skin and how to care for it. Working with some of the top dermatologists and aestheticians over the years has given me an incredible opportunity to learn from their expertise – and I knew I had to share my knowledge. Driven by years of accumulated knowledge, scientifically based SKKN BY KIM recipes work together to reactivate the skin’s inner potential and inspire confidence. I’m proud to finally be able to share this collection with everyone. “

When launched, the range will consist of nine products: a foaming, non-stiffening cleaner ($ 43 / $ 37 cartridge), acid-filled enzymatic toner ($ 45 / $ 38 cartridge), a “mechanical and enzymatic” exfoliator ($ 55 / $ 47) refill), multimolecular serum hyaluronic acid (refill $ 90 / $ 77), serum with vitamin C8 increasing collagen (refill $ 90 / $ 77 serum), firming face cream (refill $ 85 / $ 72), moisturizing eye cream (refill $ 75 / $ 64), Oil Drops with Vitamin C ($ 95 / $ 81 refill) and Nourishing Night Oil ($ 95 / $ 81 refill).

“Based on the ethos of brand sustainability, each product is packaged in an elegant, minimalist and refillable package. To further reduce the impact on the environment, the fillings are packaged in ecological materials. “

SKNN BY KIM will be launched on June 21 at 9:00 PT / 12:00 ET exclusively on SKKNBYKIM.COM.

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