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“I was born in Queens, New York. My mother has a very strong accent and she is the third generation of queens. I moved to Port Washington, Long Island, and I was there all over high school. Then I lived in New York at college and went to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, where I studied drama. I remember fighting my mom and saying, ‘I don’t need to get a driver’s license! I will live in New York all my life and I will only do theater and I will never have to learn to drive. ”

About two years after I graduated from college and waited at tables and did off-Broadway and really did the ‘fighting artist’ thing, I got the urge to try Los Angeles, where I would have to do much less to focus on my side rush. . So I moved to LA at the age of 25 and still had years of hustle and bustle, serving and babysitting, catering and personal assistance, and every job I could get my hands on until Shonda Rhimes changed my life with Quinn Perkins and Scandal. “

Playing Quinn was incredible. Not only was it unbelievable because I had the opportunity to work with Shonda Rhimes, one of the most prolific and incredible writers of our time, but I also got what we all call Scandal fam, where indeed with all our heart and soul we are very, very, very close. Every day we write an SMS, we hang out on Zoom, we leave to see the Scandal … Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield, Bellamy Young – other ladies from the Scandal – are my dear, dear, dear friends. Not just ladies – I wrote to Josh Melina, George Newberg and Scott Foley yesterday. Tony Goldwyn and I are in regular contact, Joe Morton and I are constantly working in the theater. It’s a real family. Not only was it a dream job in front of the camera, because I had to play a very complicated, fun role that changed so much in seven seasons, but outside the camera I learned so much and made friends and family for life. gladiators [Scandal fans] were such a big part. We couldn’t have done the show without Gladiator fans. It’s like a special language or a club or something. Whenever I meet someone, they tell me, “No, I’m an OG gladiator. I’ve been in Scandal since day one. “I say to myself,” Okay, we’re fine now. ” It’s just an automatic connection.

I’m very lucky to work about five minutes from my house, which is the best thing that ever happened to motherhood. I loved my job. I have my mother’s podcast called Katie’s Crib and we have a lot of pregnancy stories in it, and yes, there are some scary things and scary experiences. But I always think it’s important to hear. There are also a lot of women who have a great time and are fine and everything is going great, you know? People really like to tell war stories about it, like, “I gave birth for fifty hours and then I had a caesarean section.” But I can’t tell you how many stories I have in my head that are just pretty boring. “I went in, I got called, they did me a pitocin, I took a nap, I woke up, contractions started, I got an epidural, I waited, they told me to start pushing, I pushed for thirty minutes and the baby was here.” that’s what you want You want boredom and you have nothing to write about – I went inside, I won, I rocked it, I came home and everything went well.

I make the whole regime from Biologique Recherche. I live by that, so a lot of my face products are from there. I use P50 for evening make-up removal. Then I use a serum from Future Cosmetics called Beauty Drops. Then I use their Extreme Cream during the day and Biologique Rechere Placenta Cream at night. Then I use Strivectin neck cream. My eyes are really sensitive to anything that contains retinol or anything else, so I’m really natural around the eyes. I usually choose between Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream or Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream. It is thick and shimmering, and my main concern is to keep the area hydrated. I’m still trying another anti-wrinkle eye cream, and that might be enough for the night, and then the next or third day I say to myself, “My eye is completely red and puffy.” I can’t do it.

I’m excited about my beautician, this woman Nousha (@rejuvenatewithnousha). He does what is called a Reiki face. She also makes facial cosmetics with aqua gold, which is a great brightening agent for events. She is amazing. He has the most incredible facial and body oil called Rejuvenate With Nousha, which is massive in my house. Reset – oh my god. That’s unbelievable. I use it on my body when I have mosquito bites because it has a lot of healing properties, so when I have a mosquito bite or a small wound or something, I put it everywhere. I also use it most nights as a last moisturizer before going to bed and I use it on my hands and the like. I’m sure she originally created it as a face oil for all the nurses and front-line workers who had to wear PPE. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic they showed their bruised faces. It was originally because of that, and then we all said, ‘That’s unbelievable.’

Whenever I meet someone, they tell me, “No, I’m an OG gladiator. I’ve been in Scandal since day one. “I say to myself,” Okay, we’re fine now. ” It’s just an automatic connection.

I’m really doing makeup. I think in my 20s before I was in Scandal, I slept in makeup that night and I thought, “Who cares?” I’m a bit of a naturalist now. When I don’t work, I never, ever wear makeup. If so, it is Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in shade 4.5. It’s a bit of Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer on the contours since I had a baby, and it helps me around my cheekbones and under my jaw. It’s a brightener from Jamie Makeup for my cheeks, which is a combination between a brightener and a facial shade. I am a classic girl from L’Oréal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara with a Shiseido eyelash curler. I’m a colored chapstick person of Burt’s Bees. Very natural.

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I’m really, really careful to warm my hair. Part of my job is to warm my hair so much, so whenever I don’t work, I really just swing it and spend days without washing and live with dry shampoo, ponytails and scarves. I always sleep with hanging hair because I don’t want it to break from any hair clips. I definitely learned from Kerry Washington on a silk pillowcase. My Aunt Joan always said, “Learn to sleep on your back! Learn to sleep on your back! ” [Laughs] And I try my best, but it’s pretty hard. From all the live tweets and all the phone calls we make, I try to be very aware of how much I look down because of my neck.

When I wash my hair, I mix between Davines and Bioplex. I’m really careful, because I have to focus the shampoo on the scalp and head and really only adjust the ends. Someone just taught me that a year ago – that you don’t have to adjust your whole head. I couldn’t figure it out. I thought, “Why did I wash my hair and have greasy roots?” They said, “No, just wash your head at the scalp and then adjust the ends and where your hairstyle ends.” I thought, “Oh, shouldn’t I release the conditioner to the roots?” [Laughs] This is exactly what works on my hair, because then I last for days without [washing my hair]. I only wash my hair twice a week. I am a great air dry person. I love applying Virtue Split Ends Serum to my hair ends and keeping the roots dry. I’m really lucky. My hair has that kind of natural beach waves and I just stir it up.

My hair is terrible when I grow back from my pregnancy. I have such short, horrible blows in the corners of my head. It’s all about the fall of my birth hormones. I put my hair in a disheveled bun and pulled the strands and fucking bangs – sorry my tongue – from the corners of my head down, they curled up and they were weird, and I just rocked with pride. I say to myself, whatever, it’ll come back. I got it back from my first child and it comes back to me for a second. But every pregnant woman I know lost her hair and experienced the moment she looked in the shower and it was like damn dull in the drain and she said, “Oh my god, I didn’t think it worked.” to make it happen to me. ” [Laughs]

Even my body this time – I’m not on the number I want to be on, not that the numbers really matter. But honestly, my body is just different and I kind of enjoy it. I’m also fifteen months after giving birth. Actually, I didn’t even start training. I’m starting to say, “Oh, it’s a good feeling to walk.” It’s a good feeling to hike. “My doula is very stern, like,” Don’t train for the first year. Heal. Go for walks. Do things that make you feel good. ” Your body is going through a crazy period. It’s amazing. Pregnancy is hard and the end is a special kind of hell. [Laughs] That end is the worst. What is so crazy is that you are afraid of childbirth and you are afraid of these things, but you are more afraid to continue your pregnant life. So you say, “Please let it end.”

I go to bed completely oiled in the circuit of my life. My body is baked in this substance called Kiki Cream, it is a really natural, purely organic shea butter. I started it during pregnancy too, on the abdomen, but it’s for your whole body. My nails are a disaster. My feet are a disaster. I really should find out better what I could put on my cracked heels. I try to make Kiki heel cream and then wear socks to bed, and it’s always good, but it never happens.

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At the moment, I’m kind of in between scents. I use a lot of Eau de Orange Blossom from Coqui Coqui, but I’m also a bit of a hippie. During the cold season, I’m using Doterry’s On Guard. I have two young children full of germs who are disgusting and constantly struggling with colds and diarrhea, so I always wear these things called On Guard, which have a bit of a cinnamon scent, but it’s more necessary. oil. I feel like I’m in contact with a lot of people in close proximity at work, so I don’t want to be overly scented. Today, I’m literally shooting a comedy scene where the six of us are in bed and we’re rolling. I just don’t want people to say, “Wow … Katie … Calm down with that perfume.” I also really like Lakshmi fragrant oil. I’m big at it. It’s like, abundance and all that bullshit. [Laughs] It’s delicious. It’s so delicious. Also similar for Inventing Anna, we had to shoot in Morocco, at the hotel where my character was cheated on, in Marrakech, called La Mamounia. It is one of the most exclusive, luxurious and elite hotels in the world. They have their own scent, which they spread through the hotel. We shot that two years ago, I bought some of the scent and I just sprayed it like a ladle. It’s a reminder of the last place I traveled internationally before COVID. “

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Katie Lowes photographed Katie Thompson in LA.


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