Jameela Jamil on Self-Care, Mental Health and Her Mission to End Poverty

She was never one of those who sat and did not speak, and now Jameela Jamil has a new mission in mind: to partner with P&G’s Always brand to uncover the less-discussed issue of “period poverty.” Congressional Grace Meng’s Supporting Law on Equal Menstruation for All – That would Help Systemically End Poverty in the United States – Jamil spoke to us from a keynote address in Washington, DC, to share why destigmatization of the subject is so important to her.

Why this partnership?

“I care deeply about the issue of poverty of the time, and I’ve been doing it for years, and having a brand like Always, which I believe to be so active on this issue, has been such a blessing. Periodic protection should be considered a fundamental, fundamental human right, and that we are still so far behind in 2022 – despite the fact that we are moving backwards in certain areas – in terms of the reproductive system is a sign that we must all involved, engage aloud and make changes together. We need to engage more politically – and fight these systemic and institutional problems from the ground up. Together. That’s why I encourage people to join us by contacting elected officials and asking them to express their support for the Equal Menstrual Act, which would help end systemic poverty in the United States. “

What was the most surprising statistic you learned in this campaign?

“I don’t think the poverty of the time not only causes so many millions of girls to drop out of school in the US, in such a rich and developed country, but also in some of its richest cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta. etc. Few people know how bad it is because we have preserved a period like this senselessly embarrassing, secretive topic when it is such a natural, normal part of human existence. We take that awkwardness and turn it into silence, and then there is gross negligence. Nearly 1 in 5 girls in the US missed school because they do not have access to period products. It’s angry. “

A new series will be released this summer. What can fans expect?

“She Hulk.” is a humorous, clever, and deeply feminist series that finds really fun ways to highlight social truths and tells stories that I think will resonate with many people. I hope so! “

You are an open book when it comes to mental health conversation. Did you find that there has been a shift in more people discussing it openly?

“I do. I think the pandemic has normalized and openly discussed depression, anxiety and deep loneliness. I hope we will not return from here. I hope people now see that mental illness has never been anything to be ashamed of. Like There is nothing to be ashamed of – and talking about them openly is the only way to destigmatize them. “

What do you do for yourself when we go to summer?

“A snack, walking the dog, listening to music and spending time with the people from whom the pandemic kept me. I think taking care of your brain and laughing as best you can is the best way to take care of yourself, take care of yourself and beautify yourself. ”

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