How to decide if you need lifting or breast augmentation

Getting cosmetic adjustments on your body is a big decision, especially when it comes to your breasts. Deciding which breast augmentation is best for you can be a long process. One of the first aspects of the decision is to determine if you want breast augmentation, breast lifting, or a combination of both, or something completely different. Sure, you know you want to improve the appearance of your breasts, but which parts of them? While it may seem as simple as whether you want your breasts bigger or taller, it’s a little smoother. Here, plastic surgeons will help you determine how breast augmentation, breast augmentation, or a combination of them is right for you.

Consider your anatomy first

The biggest factor when considering cosmetic breasts is your own anatomy and your doctor’s opinion on what might suit you. “During the consultation, it is essential that you discuss with your patient not only their goals, but also their natural anatomy and how this will affect their outcome,” said Houston plastic surgeon Henry Mentz, MD, and medical assistant Nadia Hafeez, PA. -C. . “Anatomy is the key to determining if your patient requires breast augmentation alone or breast augmentation, or a combination of both.”

If you are looking for volume, you will need breast augmentation

“When do you need augmentation? Easy. When you want to be bigger. That’s the simplest, “say Tucson, AZ plastic surgeon Raman C. Mahabir, MD and Silvia Kurtovic, MD. New York plastic surgeon B. Aviva Preminger, MD notes that many women experience breast loss as well as breast loss after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, which can lead them to seek breast augmentation.

“Breast augmentation increases breast volume and projection to create a fuller and improved appearance,” say Dr. Mentz and Hafeez. While augmentation is great for adding volume, there are some aspects that cannot be modified. “Breast implants alone do not change the shape or position of your breasts on the chest wall, nor do they change the size of the areola or the position of the areola-nipple complex. Think of it as adding air to a balloon – the balloon already has its shape, “they explain. If the breasts are sagging, augmentation will not help to lift them much, which can lead people to choose to combine breast augmentation and breast lift.

Consider the location of the nipples

While deciding whether someone can benefit from breast augmentation is a little clearer, Dr. Mahabir and Kurtovic say deciding when someone could use the elevator can be a little more difficult. The key to deciphering who is a good candidate for lifting is the “position of the nipple when you are standing.” If the nipple is below the breast fold, Dr. Pregminger says a lift may be necessary.

“Sometimes adding volume achieves sufficient lifting without formal lifting,” says Dr. Preminger. “In other cases, implants can be combined with surgical lifting, or lifting alone can be used to move volume to the upper medial pole of the breast where most women want it.”

Dr. Mahabir and Kurtovic note that if you are lifting without augmentation, you may need to take a second lift along the road. In addition, they point out that some surgeons offer patients “networking” or internal support, but none of these options are FDA approved and require a longer discussion of risks versus benefits.

If you are a candidate, you can get both procedures at the same time and achieve a total breast treatment

Many patients choose both at the same time to have fuller and more energetic breasts. “Adding breast implants to the lift will help improve overall shape and fullness, especially at the upper poles,” say Dr. Mentz and Hafeez. However, those who have a significant amount of their own breast tissue often do not need to add an implant to the top of the lift to achieve shape and volume.

Fat grafting can come into play

Fat grafting, which uses the patient’s own fat to add volume, can be used during breast lifting or augmentation. “In some cases, when an implant is not needed or not desired, I perform a breast lift with a fat transplant to improve the overall appearance of the breasts,” say Dr. Mentz and Hafeez. “Fat grafting is a great way to provide volume and has become extremely popular with patients who crave a more natural look.”

Dr. Preminger says he sometimes combines implants with “composite breast augmentation” fat to achieve a natural result. “Nowadays, this can also be achieved by fat or rearrangement of one’s own breast tissue,” he adds.

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