How never to have dry skin again

I have many complaints about the general, daily horrors of pregnancy and dry skin easily falls into the top 10. Pregnancy dry skin is not normal dry skin; it is an itchy, scaly, bumpy abomination. And it comes from someone who is already hydrating a decent amount! But it’s not over to grab a piece of your ashen ankles on the subway platform to humble you and bring despair. At the moment, there is no cream, oil or butter bath that I would not bury my fingers in; There is no hack on dry skin that I have not tried. And now my newly discovered dry skin intelligence can benefit you all, whether you’re pregnant or not. Let’s go through how to get the most hydrated skin of your life … hurry up!

Correct your life situation

It’s not that I hate drinking water, I just prefer soda. Or wine. Or literally anything else. But because “anything else” is not so great for a child, I stayed by the water. Look, I’m not a fan of “just drinking water” as a cosmetic solution like other people, but there’s something about the generous dose of H2O. I can do with lighter milk on days of high water consumption and overall my skin itches less. To make the whole experience more enjoyable for me, I put things in a comically large hydro bottle. I fill it with a cup of ice, lemon zest and water. Thanks to these small improvements, it is terribly cool and super delicious.

The next thing I do is start up my humidifier. I hatred humidifiers because they require constant cleaning, which is something I despise even more than boring water. If you don’t wash those vacuum cleaners at least once a week, your room will be filled with mold or something. I have no great solution regarding the cleaning aspect, except that I have entrusted this task to my husband, who soaks the humidifier parts in citric acid for 15 minutes for weekly cleaning. It makes it look easy, but cleaning always looks easy when someone else is doing it. Anyway, I recommend running the moisturizer all night for skin that doesn’t look like cracked clay. It’s also really nice for my curls and he adds to me every morning that “I was in the tropics”.

Smart shower

The most moisturizing body cleanser on the planet is by Jordan Samuel. It has an oil-gel texture that turns milky when it hits the skin. I like it, as does the outdoor scent of Bathing Culture. But really the best way to help drive away dry skin in the shower is to take a short shower. I speak for a maximum of five minutes using warm, not hot water. I time myself running old episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City on my iPad, and before the first commercial break, I make sure my ass is out of the shower. And as soon as I get out of the shower, I can barely dry. I have pits and who knows what else, but I usually stay wet to keep all the hydration on. And then I immediately put on make-up, starting…

Good base

When you work with dry, itchy, winter (or pregnant) skin, no milk is ever enough. You have to layer. The basis should be something that is thick but not too strong and glides easily on the skin. In terms of quantity, you will use more of this milk than any of the following creams or oils, so it is best to choose something that does not decimate your bank account. The old but good CeraVe moisturizer is the right one for me – hyaluronic acid in it keeps my skin happy. If I want a lot of goodness, I’ll go to the Body Stones by Kate McLeod. I’m obsessed with these stones – they are really Rolls Royce among body moisturizers. My unlikely favorite is the sex stone, because it slides most easily on my skin. Slipping towards her is unbelievable and draws twice as much as oil lotion.

Enter into an agreement

Lotions evaporate, but a thick ointment can help keep them on the skin longer. I switch between two: Aquaphor, because Aquaphor is non-irritating, cheap without thinking. And the second is Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Healing Ointment, which relies on shea butter and coconut oil, unlike Aquaphor makeup, mostly from mineral oils. I like Burt’s Bees because it’s much easier to smooth out again. This is the kind of lightness you are looking for when you can barely bend. Burt’s Bees also smells better if you’re into things like that.

Take oil breaks

Finally, if you want the most hydrated skin of your life, you will need to build an intimate relationship with the oil. I have two favorites: Hatch Belly Oil and Sangre de Fruta Body Serum. Both have their advantages, with the first having an easy-to-use dropper with an applicator and the second having a truly refreshing, gardeny scent. Both are clear, so I avoid the dreaded yellow oil stains and they dry relatively quickly, so I don’t have to worry about getting my clothes dirty. I will pull out either at noon or in the evening to support my other hydration layers. It’s not always easy, but it has to be done.

– Ashley Weatherford

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