Horoscope Sagittarius May 2022 – Predictions of love and career

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Welcome to June, hot Shooter. During May, you enjoyed sexy conversations, such as discussing your cookies and desires, with your partner, therapist, or both. You’re fantastic in conversations, Saga, so you probably achieved yours, even though Mercury was retrograde. However, when Mercury goes straight to Taurus Friday, June 3, you really learn and grow from talking about love and sex. You know, retrograde Mercury can exacerbate the weaknesses of every sign when it comes to communication. And for you, archer of the fire sign, that means listening. Whether it’s your partner, therapist or friends, their feedback will come in handy if you give her a chance.

The next day, on Saturday, June 4, Saturn, the creator of the zodiac’s tasks, is retrograde in Aquarius for about four and a half months. Unlike retrograde Mercury, the effects of retrograde Saturn are less pronounced and far less stressful. Saturn is a strict planet that helps us set boundaries. For you, your favorite Sagittarius, that means you’re making changes about your friendship. You are a social sign and always a party life. As a result, you have many social contacts. However, the day has only so many hours. You may see that you get rid of more superficial friendships over the next few months to deepen the ones that are most important to you.

When the messenger Mercury enters his home the sign of Gemini on Monday, June 13, your attention will turn back to your love life. You talked about sex at the beginning of the month, but now we are discussing emotional partnership and intimacy. Expect someone to do it for you unless you talk about defining a relationship or invite someone on a first date. Take time to think before making any significant changes. Sometimes, especially if you are stressed, you can make carefree or even hasty decisions without realizing what you are committing to.

Tuesday, June 14, brings a powerful full moon in your Sagittarius sign. This is the perfect night to stay and celebrate, ideally with the help of your sexual power. Full moons can be chaotic and let’s be honest, Saga, you can make life dramatic any day, let alone the full moon. So stay with your favorite sex toy that will remind you of your strength. Or, if you’re in a relaxed relationship, make love and try to stay present and away from electronics to keep stress to a minimum.

Tuesday, June 21, brings the beginning of the caring Cancer season. This day is also the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The period of cancer can evoke caregivers in each of us, encourage us to enjoy beach days with friends, picnics in the park and hiking adventures. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and stay on top of your emotional and physical health. Use these few weeks to make arrangements with the doctor, and if you visit a therapist, don’t forget to be there and take advantage of each appointment.


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