Garcelle Beauvais in the series Glam ‘Housewives’, Hatian Beauty Secrets and the prescription treatment he receives twice a year

Garcelle Beauvais has kept our attention for decades, first as impressive characters in shows and movies, then as herself on Real wives from Beverly Hills. The 55-year-old star continues to be a popular fan as one of the group’s seemingly most authentic and easiest stars to talk to. I was lucky to be able to talk to her and ask some of my burning questions about all things. Real housewives, beauty and her recent edition of the book Love me the way I am.

What do you hope to say in your new book that you don’t think was expressed on the show?

“I think that’s really the case for me.” [about] tell your story in detail and delve deeper and allow people to get to know me a little more. I also hope it inspires people. I live the American dream, even though I didn’t know I wanted the American dream, you know, to be from Haiti.

There are various inspirational stories, but I think the running line is to trust your instincts and also to assert yourself no matter what. At the age of less than 40, I got divorced and that’s what happens. I think if anything, hopefully I could inspire a woman to say, ‘This is not the end of the chapter’, as if it were more. I feel that I have been able to prosper and do more despite this failure, which has been a huge failure in my life. “

You were a Real housewives fan before you join the franchise yourself?

“Yes, Beverly Hills and Atlanta were the ones I watched the most.”

If you could invite one of your famous friends to join the show – who would it be?

“I’d like to see Kelly Ripa.” She would be so good. She would say it the way it is. She wouldn’t take any bulls. “

Which guy Real housewife Did you find that he supports you the most on your journey?

“I’d say Heather Dubrow.” Definitely Heather. She’s great. We were friends before I joined, and we are friends to this day. We were just on Watch What Happens Live together. She was great. I can contact her and ask her anything. “

What did you learn about yourself during the filming, what surprised you?

“That I’m not always as hard as I think because they can really get me.” It’s harder than it seems, and I know that when people are at home and watching, they say, ‘That’s how I’d handle it,’ but when you’re in the moment, you’re in the moment. It was an interesting ride, but I feel like it makes some friendships for me [has been challenging] because it’s hard to be friends with someone you don’t trust completely. I think that’s what I’m having a hard time with. “

How do you feel when you follow it all back? Are you emotional again?

“Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s funny.” Some things that hurt you then can hurt you again. “

Let’s talk a little Real housewives glam. What is the preparation for filming? Who has the biggest glam team?

“Listen, even if the show is about drama, beauty and charm and the fashion is even higher. I don’t think we have enough recognition for the work we put in to make it as charming as we do. Training includes lots of water, exercise, hiring the best teams.

I have to say before the Dorit incident [Kemsley], Dorit always takes it to the next level. He’ll get a cameraman or a photographer, and I’ll have my assistant or my kids photographed. Some exaggerate and some meet the criteria, but it’s a lot of fun. “

Are there any Haitian beauty practices that have been passed down in your family that you still practice?

“My mom was a big fan of castor oil for anything and everything. It’s almost like in My big fat Greek weddingwhere my father always had Windex. My mother, it was castor oil for her, so she put it in our scalp and hair treatment, she put it on our skin if we had a rash.

I do it a little bit, but I tend to do it at least just because I have eczema, so I’m not much to try a bunch of products. I try to stay true to everything I use, what works, because I’m always nervous about the outbreak. So hydration is definitely a big part of my beauty routine. And also peeling at least twice a week. “

Are there any products that you have found to work for your eczema?

“I try to use it as a cetaphil.” There is a cream that I love called First Aid. It seems to work really, really well and I love this product. I definitely see an improvement when I use it. “

What makeup do you feel best and confident with?

“I think it’s a really great foundation that will give you enough coverage for spots or marks [it’s] not too hard where you feel you have a mask. I have loved Bobbi Brown for the longest time and I still do, but then I found this company called Becca, which I unfortunately just found out they are disappearing, and I wonder how much you store? But I just love a great moisturizer that isn’t too heavy to use in the winter and you can use it in the summer. So now I’m looking for a new one. Maybe I’ll go back to Bobbi Brown. “

Are there any prescription treatments or procedures that you like recently?

“I’m definitely doing microdermabrasion. I try to do it twice a year to get a deep peel. Just make sure your skin is clean and smooth, because I think the smoother your skin is, the better everything lies. ”

“I had blue eye shadows in the ’90s.” But I love it, so now I’ll make a blue line instead of a blue eye shadow. You don’t have to have a full blue where it looks a bit, you know, 70’s, but I like to make eyeliner. I do blue or green depending on what I’m wearing, and that gives you a great little pop without being too much. ”

Are there any beauty hacks you’ve caught lately that we should know about?

“You know what I did, I bought one of those little portable refrigerators from Amazon, like a little mini fridge, and I have it in the bathroom, I put creams and patches under my eyes, and then when it’s time to use them, they’re nice, cool and refreshing. It’s just great. It wakes up your skin. It eliminates inflammation just because it is cool and soothing. I think they cost about $ 40 on Amazon and they come in different colors. “

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