Fitness businessman swearing on shea butter

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“Hello! I’m Ife Obi (@ife_o)! Four years ago, I switched from selling and marketing video games to a” wellness culture. “Wellness for me, my family, and my community became my life’s mission, and so I launched The Fit In We have three fitness studios providing a variety of exercise opportunities for residents of predominantly Black & Brown communities in East Brooklyn, including Pilates, strength training and barre, and we have launched our own wellness products to address issues affecting our communities. I am also a leading instructor and tutor in studies, head of marketing, chief innovator, handyman, janitor and everything that is for solo entrepreneurs for their business.

Due to my profession, which means that I am ordered, busy and constantly moving, I perceive beauty as natural. With The Fit In I preach the acceptance of the body and the kind treatment we have. I feel the same about skin and hair. Because I’m constantly on the move, I need my skin and hair to breathe, which means not layering them with the product, but still staying healthy and hydrated. I also need things to be fast, which means minimal work. I approach beauty naturally with a little spark.

I would say that my beauty appreciation comes from my mom. Really because she never wore makeup, except maybe her lip. She kept her hairstyles simple because she worked in two jobs and did not have time for constant styling. So I think my lack of training or exposure to complicated cosmetic routines has helped me appreciate the natural beauty of people and myself.

My philosophy is, treat your body well and let your natural beauty stand out.

I’ll start taking care of the body because it’s a big part of my world. I move my body, somehow, six days a week. I like to keep my body strong and healthy through strength training, especially working with a kettlebell and pilates exercises. It helps keep my body healthy by keeping my bones strong, joints moving and muscles developed. In addition, I feed my body a daily collagen cocktail to maintain muscle and nourish the skin and hair, and then use our own digestive supplement, Making Moves, which helps maintain good bowel health. Because in addition to my own training, I train people 36 hours a week, sometimes I need a local cure for sore muscles. I like to use CBD butter from Noirebud because it is soothing and goes smoothly.

I use coconut oil and shea butter as daily moisturizers for the skin. Right after the hot shower, I’ll use my whipped shea or cocoa butter from Black Girl Long Hair, especially during the colder days of NYC, or I’ll just get coconut oil during the hotter seasons. After washing Buttah Skin’s Gentle Cleanser, which I like for its lightness and does not dry me out, I moisturize their CocoaShea Revitalizing Cream. On sunny days, I will use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 to keep my face hydrated and protected.
I only make up make-up when the photo shoot is coming up, and yet I keep it to a minimum, as my mom did with a focus on her lips. I like to use NCLA Beauty Lip Scrub to keep my lips soft, followed by my Kiehl’s lip balm. Then, if it wants a little sparkle, I’ll add a little lip color and bronzer or blush from brands like ColouredRaine and Marena Beaute.

Again, because of my lifestyle, I need my hair care to be quick and easy. I need to keep my scalp and hair clean but moist. Among the stylist visits that take place every few months, I like to use Prose’s bespoke hair care system. Even though my hair is natural, I dye it often and the system keeps my hair healthy and soft. Between washes, I sometimes use pure shea butter or coconut oil to moisturize my natural hair.

One thing my friend and I committed to is one escape a month. It can be a residential getaway or a complete tropical getaway, but in any case, it is important to have time to escape and reset. I also have moments during the day when I literally shut down. No phone, no laptop, just me and maybe some Real Wives on TV.

Bed-Stuy is a constant inspiration. Walking around The Stuy, especially in the summer, is like no other place. It’s such an atmosphere and it really is a Black Business Hub. In the neighborhood we have amazing wellness businesses, especially those run by black women such as Happy Buds, Life Wellness and The Fit In, of course. My community constantly inspires me to do more for them, because they are really the best community on the planet. ”


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