Everything you need to know about curtains

Curtain bangs have made a huge comeback lately, almost as exciting as Linsday Lohan’s resurgence. This bang style has always been around, but it was super hot in the 90s and here we are again. “There’s been an influx of people getting curtain bangs,” says colorist and Wella Professionals brand ambassador Dereq Clark. She adds that they are trendy, versatile and very flirty.

Celebrity hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon Sean Chin-Sue, who cut my curtain bangs, suggests getting this style if you want to lean into your femininity a little more and are looking for something sexy. “It’s what makes you look pretty when you get up in the morning,” says Chin-Sue. “Something frames your face even when you’re lying in bed.

Bangs are big this season in many ways, points out celebrity hairstylist Mia Santiago. “Right now, there’s a lot of buzz around different bangs, like the Birkin Bang, the Butterfly Bang, etc.,” says Santiago. He feels that people are more interested in what style of bang can suit them. Curtain bangs are “a little less involved because it’s a longer bang and it grows out faster,” which contributes to their popularity, Santiago believes. He also adds that “people tend to lean towards bangs in the winter months.” With winter fast approaching and the trend going full steam ahead, we’ve got some great tips from the experts on how to get the perfect curtain fringe for you.

Make it clear that you don’t want the traditional straight bangs

“Most hairstylists are very familiar with current trends, but I would be very specific about wanting your bangs to be shorter in the middle and significantly longer at the ends,” Santiago says of getting draped bangs. Clark agrees and advises that “when you’re talking curtain bangs, ask for longer bangs and not traditional bangs. You want to emphasize the length.”

Bring photos of what you do and don’t like

Experts always recommend bringing social or celebrity photos in the style you want, but more surprisingly, Santiago suggests bringing photos of things you don’t like. “It gives a very specific direction,” he explains. While photos are very helpful, you can’t expect your stylist to create an exact look. “Always bring a photo of what you’re hoping for with realistic expectations, because the photos you like may not be the same type and texture as yours,” says Santiago.

Consider your face shape

It’s always good to go into a salon with a goal in mind, but since you’re not an expert, you have to trust your stylist a bit, which is why it’s so important to choose a good one. When I walked into the Rita Hazan salon, Chin-Sue assessed my face and hair. I could see the gears turning in his head trying to calculate what type of suspension would be best because it’s not one size fits all.

“I think you should go by the thickness of your hair and the shape of your face to decide what length your bangs should be, because there are about three lengths,” says Chin-Sue. She advises people with a rounder face to go for longer curtain bangs. For those with longer faces and “tapering fine features,” she prefers shorter bangs to open up and expose the cheekbones. “All faces can stir up a blow,” says Santiago. “It’s your stylist’s expertise to help you decide where the length of your bangs will be most flattering.”

Also consider the thickness of the hair

I walked in with a photo of Denise Richard’s iconic layered look from the 90s, because who wouldn’t want that? However, Chin-Sue informed me that since I’m not really a Richards, this style needs a few tweaks to suit me. Since my hair is finer in the front but thicker in the back, he “had to decide to cut it short” to make it more manageable, he explained. Those with thick hair in the front of the face can go through multiple different lengths of bangs.

Consider how to accentuate the fringe on the curtains

Chin-Sue says it helps add fringe to curtains if “you have really beautiful highlights that frame your face.” She suggests that if you get curtain bangs, you should highlight your hair either immediately after the cut or before it. “It just brightens up your face depending on your eye color and your base color.”

When should the curtain fringe be trimmed again??

Of course, this all depends on how fast your hair grows, but Chin-Sue says that in about six weeks it will be time for another cut. However, she notes that when done right, they grow out beautifully, which is a nice perk you don’t always get with standard bangs.

Styling tips for curtain bangs

“A round brush,” says Chin-Sue, “a big round brush.” He notes that you can not only roll it forward and under, but also backward. “Hold it and heat it for about three to five seconds until it’s almost dry and wait for it to cool. Then turn on the hair dryer. It puts them in the mood and makes them behave and flow out of their faces and look really nice.”

Santiago is also a fan of the round brush. She recommends dampening the entire fringe with a round brush and misting it with UNITE BOOSTA Volumizing Spray ($30), which Jessie James Decker recently rocked on the red carpet, then rolling it all back. “Once dry, the bangs should be parted in the middle and you can manipulate them with your fingers to lay them perfectly. Let the bangs cool for maximum hold,” says Santiago. “If your bangs are feeling a little limp, add my best friend, TEXTURIZA Spray ($35) to the roots.”

Clarke’s top style tip is to “have as much fun as possible when you wear curtain bangs. Wear it in the front for a more shaggy look, or to the side for more flair, or part it down the middle to reveal your face and eyes.” He likes to lock it all in with Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray ($21) to set and protect.