Cup Noodle Triggers Makeup

PSA: Cult cup noodles are no longer just edible – now they can also be applied to the lips, face and eyes. Last week, the Los Angeles cosmetics brand HipDot launched a partnership with HipDop X Cup Noodles and offers everything from eye shadows to lip gloss.

“Cup Noodles recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and we are so excited to be able to expand our makeup collaboration portfolio with another iconic food classic,” said Jeff Sellinger, CEO of HipDot. “We like to continue to create a world in which food and beauty can exist in one, while surprising fans in both industries.”

You can try all the products yourself by purchasing the Cup Noodles Limited Edition collector’s box ($ 58), which contains the entire range in one box. If you just want to give a Pigment Palette ($ 26) or Lip & Cheek ($ 22) set, you can buy them separately.

Distinctive, bright shades in the eyeshadow palette and lip and face set are just one aspect of the line we love – the creativity behind product naming is also at the top. Ram-inspired shade names include diced carrots, hot and spicy, ramen noodles, baked corn, spices, soy sauce, spicy chile and teriyaki. In addition, the liquid brightener is called Lemon in a row.

The entire HipDot x Cup Noodles range is clean, cruel, and vegan, and all products can be purchased at or

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